Africa's Anti Poverty Machine - 2 Nov 2016

Arusha, Tanzania

Byron and Lisa Borden, life long missionaries, are convinced that the best “assistance” to the lost and the poor comes through relationships that empower and nurture the whole person.

And in this pursuit, in decades of practically living out and pursuing their calling, they believe they’ve discovered the key to not just healing the symptoms of poverty in their city, but of transforming the city itself - changing it’s story at the source.

Instead of the more traditional aid methods”, Byron explains, “I believe the key out of poverty is enterprise”.

Through building BUVs, machines that bring reliable, continued work to entire communities, the Borden's and their team are seeking to transform their city, their country, and one day, their continent.

We want to go big”, Byron smiles.

In the world of mission and justice in these communities, this work is a game changer.

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