Prayer in the Congo: "The Students Prayed for Peace" - 19 Sep 2016

So far, an estimated 700,000 young people from 23 nations have experienced a prayer space in their school because of the incredible work of Prayer Spaces in Schools - and this number keeps growing! 

That’s why we’re raising money as part of our #Back2School Appeal - your donation can help us reach even more nations and schools this year.

“ I was worried about the simplicity of the prayer space. but I’m learning God doesn't need things to meet with us…”

Earlier in the year we received this amazing update from the Democratic Republic of Congo where Lisa hosted a prayer space in her school: 

“I live in a poor area with intermittent water and electricity (I never used to thank God before when I turned the tap and water came out - now I have become much more grateful!) and I work as a doctor in a small hospital here.

I love prayer rooms, and I love trying to create a space where others can meet with God.

I felt inspired to create a prayer space in a school that we have for more than 1000 students. The students pray ‘automatically’, maybe without really understanding what they were doing - and I wanted to encourage them to search for God in a creative and personal way. It was the first time anything like this had been done in this school.

The biggest challenge was the lack of materials, so in a lovely, big area I set up our very simple prayer space with not much more than a few plastic chairs and a lot of imagination; and I prayed for God to meet with us. That first afternoon I brought 30 of the street children into the prayer space and once they understood, they got really into it.  

“They were trying to outdo each other with kindness and service…” 

One of the activities invited the girls to pray for those who need help. To my surprise most of these abandoned girls prayed for the parents who had abandoned them - it was a good lesson in forgiveness; God’s love reaches the hearts of His children and gives them the strength and love to forgive them. I was so humbled. 

Another activity invited pupils to wash their feet as an introduction to the prayer space. I originally thought each person could wash their own feet, but some of the girls started to wash the feet of the other people and then it turned into a competition! They were trying to outdo each other with kindness and service.

We also had a wailing wall prayer activity, where the children could sprinkle water on their prayers as a symbol of God’s tears over them. Some of the prayers were very touching: they prayed for people who suffered like them, they prayed for the poor, they prayed for those who had been abandoned, but particularly they prayed for peace in this country. 

During the week, classes of students came and it felt like God was there to welcome them too. It was such an encouraging first experience and we have already planned another prayer space for the month of May!

Initially I was worried about the simplicity of the prayer space. but I’m learning that God doesn't need these things to meet with us. He just wants our desire for Him and He will do the rest.”


Money raised from our Back2School Appeal will enable us to support even more prayer spaces in even more nations this year. Donate today.


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