17 Years since the very first Prayer Room! - 5 Sep 2016

We’re celebrating 17 years since a group of young people gathered in Chichester to try and get a little better at praying - and inadvertently launched the very first 24-7 prayer room. 

We’re absolutely blown away at how God has continuously surprised and amazed us, and done far more than we could ever have imagined.

So here are 17 achievements over the past 17 years - things we never even dreamed would have happened:

1. Prayer Spaces in Schools 

Over 500,000 children have accessed a prayer space in a school, enabling them to experience prayer and learn more about what it is. 

2. Bestselling books about 24-7 Prayer

From Red Moon Rising to Gatecrashing and with the eagerly awaited release of Dirty Glory next month. 

3. Thousands more prayer rooms…

Since that first prayer room, others have taken place in locations across the globe - from the Houses of Parliament in London to underground churches in Asia. And across the nations of Ireland and Switzerland, there has been a whole year of unbroken prayer. 

4. 24-7 on Campus

As well as creating a Student Flatpack, we’ve engaged with hundreds of students on campuses across the UK and Europe. And the number keeps growing. 

5. Huge prayer events

We’ve held gatherings all over the world from Dublin to Hong Kong; Madrid to Portland as hundreds of prayer warriors have come together to pray for their nations, continents and the world. (Fancy coming along to one? Why not join us in Geneva next month…)

6. A whole archive of Podcasts

Our Christmas and Lent devotionals get downloaded 1.5 million times a year and are watched all over the world, reaching number 1 on the iTunes video podcast chart multiple times.  

7. Prayer across nations

24-7 prayer has taken place in over half the nations of Earth and has become a cross-denominational movement with Anglicans to Pentecostals to Baptists to Roman Catholics joining to pray 24-7. 

8. Our Youth Prayer Course

Origins, our Youth Prayer Course for 11-18s has been used across the UK and has already reached America and Australia… 

9. Teaching about Prayer in Prisons 

Because of our Prison Prayer Course, hundreds of prisoners have been able to learn about prayer, and 100 courses were run in 2015 alone. 

10. Why Pray?  

Our short snappy video explaining prayer has been viewed over 100,000 times online - and in countless churches, youth groups and conference around the world. 

11. A Viral Vision Poem

Words scribbled onto the wall of the first prayer room went viral across the world, and now a brand new film is going to be released to celebrate this monumental poem. 

12. Thy Kingdom Come

Last year we gathered to pray and to worship in 5 cathedrals across the UK simultaneously in one of the biggest Anglican prayer events in England. And plans for next year are well under way…

13. The growth of Boiler Rooms 

The global network of prayer-focused communities all over the world living and breathing mission is truly worldwide and still growing… 

14. The Vision Course 

Our flagship discipleship course now takes place across 2 Continents, 3 countries and 4 cities with incredible teaching, prayer and a radical call to mission. 

15. Talking to the world online 

We engage with over 30,000 people on Twitter and 20,000 more on Facebook, daily and our international website which has had over 1 million page hits (and won a few awards on the way…)

16. Mission Teams

As well as long term 24-7 Prayer communities serving in all kinds of places from Ibiza to Cape Town, we’ve also sent short-term teams to Turkey, Macedonia, Spain, France and Greece to serve pray, and encourage.

17 Tackling injustice

We’ve been able to partner with charities to tackle global injustices through action and prayer, from attending national conferences to digital action to weeks of prayer. 


This is only a small snippet of the many ways God has been at work across 24-7 Prayer since that first prayer room, and we’re so grateful and thankful.


What have we missed? What are your top highlights of 24-7 Prayer?  Add your stories below. 



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