Expand your horizons: The call to wild living Adam Heather - 31 Aug 2016

"when you truly let Jesus take the driving seat, nothing is safe..."

The word Christianity doesn’t turn up much in the Bible; only three times in fact. Believing in Jesus, knowing Jesus – these terms aren’t often used either.

Almost universally the expression used is to “follow” Jesus. There is an imperative in our faith that we are a people pursuing someone. Our default position is ‘go’, not, ‘stay’.

Christianity gets accused of many things; one of the most peculiar has to be that it is boring. After Jesus called Peter, his life turned into an adventure where over the next three years Jesus was going to challenge every area of his thinking – family, home, safety, racism, politics, finances, eternity. Every stone was going to get turned upside down.

This is what it truly means to not just know Jesus, but to follow him. To invite him, daily, to challenge and change the way we see the world.

And this isn’t easy, because when you truly let Jesus take the driving seat, nothing is safe. He will redefine your priorities, rework your diary, resituate your geography.Simply put, God is happy to act like God.

Do you think the same way that you did last year? I’m not sure you should. Over and over again for the last year Jesus should have been expanding your horizons.

And this, in essence, really is the #calltowild - to fully embrace this wonderful man Jesus and to pursue him daily with such an intensity and resolve that you slowly begin to see the world exactly like he does; that it becomes part of your identity to do so.

Jesus talked to those he shouldn’t have talked to, he went to places he shouldn’t have gone, he challenged systems of injustice, he saw miracles daily, he was interruptible, relaxed, disinterested in cool. He loved obsessively and lived a life lived totally unhindered by fear.

We emulate stories and people of courage because we have a deep heart longing to not be controlled by fear.

It’s sobering to think back over the last year, month, even week and count up how many times my “no” triumphed over my “yes” because I was afraid or uncomfortable.

I have some friends (of friends) who every year would take their kids to the airport and buy a ticket on the next plane with 4 cancellations – no idea where they are going as they drove to the airport; they just planned the trip, hotels - everything - in the air. I love to think of the experiences and cultures they experienced by doing this.

I am convinced that big dreams need big people; big people are born out of big experiences and big experiences happen when normal people make bold, firm commitments in their day-to-day life.

Some practical tips for expanding your horizons:

  • Spend some time studying the parts of scripture you find easiest to brush over or hardest to swallow
  • Say yes to an invitation you would really rather say no to
  • Read that book that’s gathering dust on the bookshelf
  • Go on a summer mission team
  • Listen to a podcast from a church in a different culture or stream
  • Invite someone out for coffee who you don’t know and ask them their story
  • Have a conversation with someone you have nothing to talk about with

"Do something every day that scares you”

It may be old, clichéd and overused, but this quote is helpful to remember. Everyday includes today. 


This blog is part of our summer series, A Call to the Wild, exploring real adventures. Catch the whole lot on the blog

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Adam Heather is on the Leadership Team for 24-7 Prayer International and serves as Strategic Director for Emmaus Rd Church, one of 24-7 Prayer's first Communities. He is married to Hannah and they have one daughter. 

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