A Call to the Wild: The Adventure Series - 25 Jul 2016

 “They are mobile like the wind.

They belong to the nations...” 

Extract from the Vision poem 

 A Call to the Wild: the Adventure Series

What does it mean to live adventurously? What does it mean to pray intentionally for God's adventure for your life? How can we, as Christians, go on true adventures in faith, with Jesus? 

6 weeks. 6 blogs. Summer'16. #CallToTheWild

#1  -   So, You want an Adventure? 

#2 - Adventurous Living: The Artist 

#3 - Adventures in the Ordinary: Learning from Pokemon Go 

#4 - Adventurous Living: The Community Activist

#5 - Post-Festival Blues: Keeping the adventure alive  

#6 - Expand your Horizons: The Call to Wild Living



"They need no passport. People write their addresses in pencil and wonder at their strange existence..."

extract from the vision poem



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