Visions, Prayers & Doughnuts: 24-7 on Campus - 19 Jul 2016

We get really excited about the possibility of students praying 24-7 in universities. We received this great update from Ashley Cusick at the University of Liverpool, UK, which shows the potential and power of prayer on campus...

Every day there were people saying, “I wish my hour hadn’t gone by so fast!”

We wanted to create a space where people could be themselves, and meet with a God who meets them where they are. So, over our Spring semester we ran a Prayer room on our campus at the University of Liverpool. 

We invited students from all over the city to come as they were. Shaking off our preconceptions of prayer, we encouraged everyone to paint, draw, sing, dance, laugh or cry; whatever helped them to connect with their creator.

Many people discovered that prayer is more than they ever thought; it helped them to discover new ways to pray. Students prayed on their own and in groups; for their campuses, the city and the world. Over 3 days of prayer, a blank wall of paper was filled with visions of love, pouring out through the city of Liverpool; the city which birthed the phrase: "All you need is love”.

A world map was covered in scriptures; individuals laying hands on the hurting places. Some people had never prayed for longer than a few minutes before; every day there were people saying, “I wish my hour hadn’t gone by so fast.”

Reaching Out

Situated in the heart of campus, our prayer room also reached outwards. On the final day of our prayer room, we went on to campus and asked other students to write down their prayer requests in exchange for a doughnut. The response was overwhelming - we brought 110 requests back to our prayer room!

It was incredible to see how happy students became when they realised someone was willing to pray for them. One student asked, “Can I have two?” We, thinking he meant two doughnuts, explained that we only had a limited supply. But we were amazed when the student replied, “No, I meant two prayer requests!”

Our prayer room was also for our city. The room was set up with faith that our act of prayer would usher the presence of God into the city we love.  With five universities, Liverpool is a city full of young people who are full of possibility and spirit. Yet Liverpool is also home to some of the poorest communities in the U.K.

But there's something powerful when a group of young people come together, believing that prayer works. There’s something in it that changes the game; that brings in light so that darkness cannot stay.

So next time we want to pray longer; pray harder; and pray deeper; because it works. 

If you fancy running a prayer room on your campus or receiving some specific student resources, head to the student section of our website: 


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