How to pray for the EU ReferendumCrystal Cryer - 10 May 2016

Next month, the UK will vote to stay or leave the European Union. Wherever you're based, praying for this vote is one of the most powerful things we can do. 


Already, Thursday 23 June 2016 is being marked as a historical day. 

Whether you’ve been avidly following it or not, the EU Referendum will leave a massive mark for the UK, for Europe and even beyond. 

You might still be trying to figure out what the referendum actually is (Christians in Politics have some really helpful information) or you might definitely know how you’re voting.

Either way; whatever the outcome; this vote will impact all of us. As Christians, we need to think seriously about how to get involved. 

When we vote as Christians, we’re in the privileged position of being able to influence our nation’s history through not just our votes, but also our prayers. And we can do both from a place of confidence, not fear, because we know whatever the final decision, our hope and security rests in God and His love for all nations. 

"The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it"

-Psalm 24

But just how do we pray in the face of such a monumental and complex decision? 

Wherever in the world you are based, you can pray. We know that God’s kingdom is often very different to our human ideals - so how can we pray specifically for the EU referendum? 

4 ways you can Pray 

  1. For Voters: Pray that people across the UK will vote with careful thought, deep conviction and from a place of peace. During this time of uncertainty, pray that people will find security in Christ, not the political process. 
  2. For Leaders: Pray for leaders both in the UK and Europe: that in either outcome of the referendum, God provides wisdom and guidance as they navigate their way through the leading of nations.
  3. For the Church to really engage with the world around us at this time; that it will be a voice of peace, reason and courage in the midst of confusion, fear and strong opinion.
  4. For God to be seen and glorified in all of this, and that the nations would look to Him for our hope, and for steady, consistent leadership.

"Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors; that the King of glory may come in. Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty –he is the King of glory" 

- Psalm 24:9-10

Use this as a prayer of invitation to our King: let’s invite Him to establish His kingdom in and through us as His people.

At this pivotal time; ahead of one of the most important votes of our time; let’s pray for Europe. 


Learn more about the EU referendum: Check out the great guide from Christians in Politics covering everything you need to know about Europe and the law.



Crystal Cryer

Crystal Cryer originally hails from Oregon, but now claims Scotland as home. She is the National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland and is also part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools Scotland team. Crystal loves hospitality, cooking and talking about prayer. 

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