Breaking ground: The 2016 24-7 USA ConferencePete Ward - 19 Apr 2016

Last month saw hundreds of people from all over America came together at the Pacific North West 24-7 Gathering...

“Friendships were made. Vision was shared.  Ground was broken.”

I hadn’t expected to start our Pacific Northwest Gathering in tears, but that was how it turned out.  I don’t really know what it was that was happening within me; I’m not really the teary kind of guy

As I look back on that first meeting, perhaps it was the sense of being amongst a group of people with an infectious passion and heart for Christ, and the beauty of His love for them.

And so our Gathering began, bringing people from all over the US together in Portland, along with a good contingent from Canada, a few of us from the UK and a even a couple of Swedes.

The passion that I saw in that first meeting lasted throughout our time together, as we shared incredible stories of what the Lord is doing in these days across America. Leaders of houses of prayer and neo-monastic communities shared alongside leaders of established churches, missional communities and those engaged in church planting. 

Ministry and healing flowed freely. We were equipped and we were encouraged.

As we left and went our separate ways, I could feel that the fruit of our few days together would be lasting.  Who knows what Jesus will bring to pass through the friendships and connections made, through the healing touch of his Spirit?

I look forward to hearing those stories as they unfold over the months and years ahead...

Want to join us at a 24-7 conference? This June the Asia gathering is taking place in Singapore - and in October we're holding the European conference in Geneva



Pete Ward

Finance Director

Pete Ward has spent the last 20 years of his life learning more about the journey of prayer. Pete was one of the founders of the Reading Boiler Room, and has been involved in 24-7 since rumours of what God was up to through this model of prayer started circulating the south of England. Before being dramatically called to come and help 24-7 in the area of Operations, Pete worked for 10 years in the IT industry in the UK’s version of Silicon Valley. He enjoys music and photography, and sharing good food with friends.

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