How to run your first prayer roomTandia Hughes - 13 Mar 2018

This article was originally posted in January 2016

“We felt that God drew close to us and met with us as a church us during the week; seeing people encounter God was amazing...”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run a prayer room in your Church for the first time? Do you need some encouragement to get started? We chatted to Richard who ran his first prayer room in his Church last year. Here’s what happened… 

What was your Church like before the prayer room? 

Our Church has four congregations, but before the prayer room our prayer life had no rhythm;  we didn’t hold prayer meetings, only meeting to pray before the Sunday morning service. 

How did you go about planning your prayer room and how did you feel leading up to it? 

We had a team that met several times leading up to our prayer week, and we felt God revealing a theme to us, which shaped the activities within our prayer room. We promoted it to our church congregations, and about two-thirds of the slots were already filled by the time our week started. However, we knew that only five members of our church had experienced a week of 24-7 Prayer before, so the biggest question was whether people would sign up. 

How did the week of prayer go? 

We did manage to fill all of our prayer slots and there were people allocated to fill any empty slots so that every day was covered in prayer.  It was really encouraging to see people experiencing God in a different way across our congregations and corners of society. I’d heard lots about prayer rooms, but for one to be real and happening in my local community was really special. All ages engaged with the space; those with addictions to drugs and alcohol are now becoming addicted to God. One person even said it was like touching heaven. 

What was the prayer life of the Church immediately after? 

There was an increase of the prophetic gift in church directly after our prayer room, and we spent more time at the end of our main meetings involved in prayer ministry, and sharing what God was saying. 

What advice would you give to someone about to run a prayer room for the first time? 

Gather a small group of people to be the planning team; people with different skills, and church relationships. Do it together, and use 24-7's prayer room resources to envision your team and the wider Church.

We felt that God drew close to us and met with us as a church us during the week; seeing people encounter God was amazing. Now, we’re looking at ways the room can be regularly used for prayer.


Fancy having a go? You can find everything you need on the Prayer Rooms section of our website including a handy 5 step guide and how to motivate people to prayGet started today! 

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