Refugee Crisis: 5 Objects to fuel your PrayersTandia Hughes - 30 Oct 2015

5 ways you can continue in prayer for the refugee crisis...

A couple of weeks ago, 24-7 Prayer ran a prayer week for the refugee crisis and over 20 different nations joined in, with hundreds of people praying all over the world. But how can we continue in prayer for the refugees beyond a one-week call? Media attention on this crisis will drop, which means we can easily forget the needs of thousands. How can we continue praying; daily, persistently, passionately; to support the people in this crisis?

In my day-to-day life, I don’t always pray as often as I should.  This problem gave me an idea; why not use everyday items to remind and motivate prayer? Here are five everyday objects that will fuel your prayers for the refugee crisis: 

1: Shoes

I was having a chat with some of my female colleagues about how many pairs of shoes we own. As well as realising I may own slightly too many, this made me think that shoes are a great prayer prompt. We wear shoes everywhere; whether heels or work boots, sandals or wellies, slippers or flats. We tend to have lots of pairs of shoes, so let’s use them to pray.

Use your shoes…  

When I put my shoes on, I tend to look inside to make sure there’s nothing in there. So buy a pair of insoles, and write your prayers for the refugee crisis on them. This means that every time you put your shoes on, you can pray for the refugee crisis. Alternatively, you could write a reminder on the bottom of your shoes, thinking about the journeys that some of the refugees have been on. Perhaps their feelings or emotions, or prayers of protection and strength. 

2. Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is something that you do at least once a day; especially if you don’t want bad breath when meeting and talking with people! Many country leaders are meeting and talking about what to do about the vast number of refugees arriving through their countries, so it’s really important to pray for people in power. 

Mark your toothbrush… 

Using a sticky label or permanent marker, write the name of a leader or country you want to pray for, and stick or write it on your toothbrush. Every time you brush your teeth, pray for wisdom, guidance and unity in the decisions they make.

Hint: check out our “Refugee Crisis: How to Pray for Governments” article for prayer pointers.

3. Mirror

We all look in the mirror at some point in the day, whether that’s first thing in the morning, throughout the day or last thing at night.  Here are a couple of ideas how we can use our time with the mirror as time for the rest of the world.

Reflect with your mirror…. 

Use lipstick to draw some lines on your mirror (men, you can always borrow some!). These lines represent borders; borders that are often blocked or covered with guards; borders that are treacherous and dangerous. Pray for safety and welcome from countries that refugees are entering. Alternatively, stick some plasters around your mirror as a reminder of the injuries refugees endure from walking across Europe. Use them as prompts for healing. 

4. Fridge 

Most of us have the food we want, when we want it. When I’m hungry I can trust that there is something in the house that will satisfy my needs, and if there isn’t I can just pop out to the shop and buy it. Many people in the world don’t have this privilege, especially the refugees crossing our continent. Some may not have eaten since they left home. Parents are sacrificing their food to give to their children and end up going hungry themselves. 

Prayer food in your fridge…

Write prayers for those who are malnourished on post-it notes or pieces of paper. Every time you go for some food, pray for energy, nutrition and health. You could even put one in your lunchbox so during your lunch break you’re prompted and reminded to pray. 

5. Car

Without my car, I wouldn’t be able to get to places or see people.  You may not have a car, but this prayer activity can be done with any mode of transport you might use. Refugees are using any mode of transport they can to travel from war-torn Syria to the safety of another country. Recently on the news we’ve seen bodies washed up on Turkish beaches, and heard of boats sinking. 

Travel with your prayers… 

Buy some sticky dots, and stick them on your mode of transport, like your steering wheel or bike handle. If you use public transport, stick one in your purse or your travel card. When you see the sticker, pray for those on long journeys. Pray for guidance and right decisions and for wisdom to those who offer transport to refugees. 


And there are many more creative ways to pray for the refugee crisis. Let’s join together to make sure this crisis isn’t forgotten. 



Tandia Hughes

Director of Events

Tandia is 24-7 Prayer's Director of Events. Tandia lives in Surrey and is married to Joel. She has a passion for the outdoors and serving young people.

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