Vomit, Judgement and 'Real Christians' in MagalufBrian Heasley - 22 Jul 2015

“These guys are real Christians...

...they know what we do but don’t judge us. And they pray for us. They’re like - real Christians!” 

We chuckle as we listen to a PR explain to two unsuspecting tourists who innocently inquire about our matching 24-7 Magaluf t-shirts. Real Christians. I wonder what his previous experience of Christians has been? To be surprised that we don’t judge people - and we will pray for him regardless of the stories he tells of his latest night time antics?

This is what we are here to do - to show God’s nonjudgemental and unconditional love in whatever way we can, along the Punta Balena, or The Magaluf strip as it’s more commonly known.

By day Magaluf is a picturesque, sun worshippers paradise, with a beautiful sandy beach, crystal clear waters and endless restaurants and cafes. But as the sun sets, it transforms into a haven for party goers - with bars, clubs, fast food stalls and tattoo parlours as far as the eye can see. This is the place where alcohol induced inhibition fuels the ‘anything goes’ attitude. This is the place hedonism is celebrated and the "what happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf" mantra gives license for sexual antics, drug exploration and alcohol excesses. 

So - where better to go to try and spread the love of Christ?

We begin our night time rhythm with prayer and worship then rotate with a cycle of praying for an hour and going out on The Strip for an hour. We want our worship and praise in the prayer room to be extended out into the street as we chat, listen, pray, tend to the injured, help the vulnerable and clean up vomit in-between. In the last 14 days we have prayed with around 40 people on The Strip, received 70 written prayer requests and, with he help of Street Angels, Spain, helped 60 people to a place of safety.

One of the most remarkable things we have seen is the understanding of the common currency of prayer. Last week a guy came running after one of our teams shouting “Are you the guys who pray? You prayed with my friend last night - and I want prayer too.” Frequently we bump into PRs who testify to their prayers being answered and want to pray for other things.

God is so gracious with us as we learn how to pray for all sorts of things; families, health issues, healing, careers, brokenness, addictions, relationships and much more. We want to pray in such a way that the people we are with realise how easy it is and that they can chat to God themselves without us. 

This is just the start of a new adventure in Magaluf - and we are getting to see God’s kingdom come in the most unlikely places and through the most unusual circumstances. 

God has exceeded our expectations. But we don’t want to settle - not until we have even more of God for Magaluf.


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Brian Heasley

International Prayer Director

Brian Heasley now serves as the International Prayer Director after leading 24-7 Ibiza and has been part of the prayer movement since it began. Brian is a gifted communicator with passion for prayer, mission and justice. He is married to Tracy and has two teenage sons. The family live in Norfolk and are involved in a Christian community there. Brian’s other passions are Liverpool football club, tapas and photography. You can read about the incredible story of 24-7 Ibiza in Brian's book, 'Gatecrashing'.

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