Our New Site is Now Live!Nick Beasley - 1 Jul 2015

Our BRAND SPANKING new international site is live!

Now, the fact that you're reading this means there's a 50/50 chance you already knew that - cos many of you had to log on to it to get to this article...

However, those of you who have stumbled here directly by following a link in a tweet or some other round about method - welcome to the brand new 24-7 Prayer international website!

Please have a look around - we're very proud of it. There's all sorts of cool new stuff. There's our Pick A Fight campaigns where we'll be profiling a new international justice issue every week and giving you ways to get involved, a brand new look Prayer Wall and Prayer Room map, an A to Z of our Boiler Room Communities, a full library of our Podcast series' to date and loads more.

Plus, all the resources from the last site are still available.

So - have a look around let us know what you think. We hope it'll bless you and inspire you for many years to come...


#Creativity #Stories


Nick Beasley

Director of Communications

Nick is an English Literature graduate who spent a year studying at the London Film Academy before joining the 24-7 Prayer Communications team. He’s been heading up the team since 2015.

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