#prayeralert: Impending Volcanic Eruption Threatens IndonesiaLaura Gish - 24 Jun 2015

Highest alert warnings of a powerful volcanic eruption threaten thousands of villagers in Tanah Karo, Indonesia... 

Mount Sinabung, one of 130 active volcanos in Indonesia, has emitted smoke and ash, already bringing destruction to nearby villages. Many women carrying babies have left the mountain for safety in police trucks and motorcycles. Yet despite warnings, thousands of villagers refuse to leave their homes in hopes of saving the crops that provide for their families. Only 10,000 of the nearly 33,000 people living in the danger zone have moved to safety. Today, over 2,000 individuals are still displaced from a nearby volcanic eruption last year that left their village inhabitable. 

Pray with us for:

  • Protection: Pray for protection over those threatened by volcanic eruption. Intercede for those traveling to safety and for those still in the village to find refuge. 
  • Favor: Intercede for provision for farmers working to save their crops. Ask for crops to be spared in surrounding villages, and for prosperity on their farming efforts. 
  • Hope: Pray for hope for thousands of villagers displaced due to the volcanic destruction. May they experience the peace, comfort and hope of God during this time.  

All images are used by permission in accordance with commons copyright license terms: Feature image is a derivative of the images 'Sunrise on Tengger Caldera' by 'Jean-Marie Hullot'

Laura Gish

Laura Gish is passionate about prayer and God’s Word! She oversees prayer for The Seed Company, a Bible-translation organization based in Texas. She’s a sanguine-type who loves coffee with friends, family time, traveling, and hanging with her dog — and in no particular order. She loves a rich plot and always a happy ending. Follow her on the Million Praying Women blog or on Twitter.

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