#prayeralert: Migrant Crisis in the MediterraneanLaura Gish - 1 Jun 2015

This year, an estimated 60,000 migrants have fled Syria and surrounding regions in search for asylum. Their journey across the Mediterranean has led to thousands of deaths from 2014-2015, with one incident alone on April 19 resulting in the loss of more than 800 lives

The European Commission has called for EU states to take in 40,000 of these migrants expected to arrive in Italy and Greece over the next two years. Several nations have expressed concerns around a resettling program for these nationals seeking asylum that are considered in need for international protection. 

As these migrants are seeking to escape the violence, poverty and conflict of their homeland, please pray with us

  • Peace: Ask God to bring peace and stability to their home nations in Africa
  • Wisdom: Pray for righteous leaders be given wisdom and discernment in how to best help migrants at this time
  • Protection: Intercede for protection and health for those journeying to safety
  • Revival: Pray for a revival of hearts. May the hope and love of God be revealed through His Word for those in need!  

All images are used by permission in accordance with commons copyright license terms: Feature image is a derivative of the images 'Eutrophic and Hypoxic Coastal Areas of Europe' by eutrophication&hypoxia, 'Mediterranean' by Alex and 'Mediterranean Colours' by Andy Miccone

Laura Gish

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