The Art of Examen: Justice - Episode 4 of the Lent PodcastsNick Beasley - 9 Mar 2015

24-7 Prayer UK Director Brian Heasley brings in episode of four of the series, 'The Art of Examen: Justice'


Join us this lent for a journey of depth and discipline as we move toward Easter.

Each week we will be exploring a different practice embodied by Jesus and lived out by the Celtic saints and monastics: Prayer, Mission, Justice, Creativity, Hospitality and Learning

We will also be producing a host of resources to help you connect with that week's theme. These will be made available on the 'Lent 2015: The Art of Examen' webpage as we move through the series.

Download the Deeper Guide to go with Episode Four: Justice

The next episode, focussing on Creativity, will be available on Monday (16th March).  

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Nick Beasley

Communications Team

Nick Beasley is an English Literature graduate who spent a year studying at the London Film Academy before joining the 24-7 Prayer Communications team. He’s mostly interested in films and music and is a Manchester United fan, though he has no geographical right to justify his allegiance

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