#prayeralert: Militants in NigeriaLaura Gish - 29 Jan 2015

A video released Wednesday January 21 by a Nigerian militant group boasted that they were responsible for mass killings in the city of Baga. They also threatened more attacks.

The militants managed to seize thousands of weapons from a Nigerian military base in Baga, then followed by burning thousands of homes, the rampage leaving more than 150 dead.  

Now threats have been issued to Cameroon and Chad. Chad has responded by sending thousands of troops into Cameroon. So far a German citizen who was captured has been rescued and 24 hostages were freed

Much prayer is needed as violence continues to erupt in Nigeria — particularly in the northeast — and is now spreading into neighbouring Cameroon.  

Please join us in prayer! 

  • Pray with fervency for our Nigerian brothers and sisters. May they draw near to God in this time of upheaval in their nation and ask that God grant them peace that passes all understanding as they cleave to Him. 
  • Let us pray for protection of those who have been kidnapped. Pray for the protection of political leaders and all Nigerian citizens vulnerable to the attacks. 
  • Ask God to cause His Word and presence to spread like wildfire throughout Nigeria.  Pray that the militants would see the light of Christ. 
  • Pray for the troops that have been sent to Cameroon. Pray for their safety and that they are able to prevent further attacks and put an end to this violence!

All images are used by permission in accordance with commons copyright license terms: Feature image is a derivative of the images 'Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Population Density and Low Elevation Coastal Zones' by SEDACMaps and 'Foggy Jungle Nigeria' by Rob Whittaker

Laura Gish

Laura Gish is passionate about prayer and God’s Word! She oversees prayer for The Seed Company, a Bible-translation organization based in Texas. She’s a sanguine-type who loves coffee with friends, family time, traveling, and hanging with her dog — and in no particular order. She loves a rich plot and always a happy ending. Follow her on the Million Praying Women blog or on Twitter.

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