From Advent to Adventure: Mission Teams 2015Rebecca Rubanik - 26 Dec 2014

Over this last year, 24-7 has seen some exciting adventures take place. Teams of fired up pilgrims have taken up the task of bringing God’s love and light through their words and actions to various destinations across the world. We’ve heard stories of healings in refugee camps in the Middle East, answered prayers across Europe and acts of kindness being shown in some of the most popular party destinations in the world.

Prayer and mission is at the very heart of 24-7. We believe that when we take action by crossing borders, carrying God’s presence with us, God hears our prayers and moves powerfully. We believe in petitioning God for change in some of the most hostile, fragile and broken places, asking God to breath on the communities we visit and to bring His hope against all natural hope through the works of our hands and feet.

This year coming, we have got some incredible opportunities available for each and every one of us to take hold of. Whether you feel stirred to join teams in Ibiza or Magaluf, helping people get home safely after having too much to drink, or maybe you fancy joining a tailored mission in Iceland, offering prayer to punters at a crazy music festival….there are so many different opportunities to join the movement, and be a part of what God is doing across the nations.

I’d encourage you to seek God on what he’d like you to do this year…’mission’ isn’t just for those who particularly feel called to that vocation. Each and every one of us carry God’s presence, and have an incredible amount to give to these communities. Whether it’s for 5 days, 2 weeks or 3 months, we all have a chance to take a step and push ourselves a little for the kingdom. So check out the teams we have on offer for 2015, and get ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime. 

For details on this year's mission team visit the Mission Pages of the website, where you can also register your interest by adding your email.


Rebecca Rubanik

Rebecca is originally from Kent and currently lives in Lebanon reaching out to the Lebanese and Syrian refugees. She is passionate about human trafficking, restorative justice, causing kingdom chaos and engaging in anything food related! 

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