Australia: Salvos to pray for a year - 6 Feb 2002

The Salvation Army has nearly finished praying for an unbroken year in UK and it's spreding all over the world...
  • Loads of Swedish Salvo's have signed up to pray 24-7.
  • The Moscow Salvation Army prayed 24-7 over Christmas
  • and the Salvation Army in the USA is praying in Salt Lake City during the Winter Olympics.
  • Finally today we recieved an email from Paul Mergard the Prayer co-ordinater for the SA in Australia Check it out...

    "We have put a proposal to the Australian Eastern Territory of The Salvation Army (New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory - main cities are Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra) to do 24-7 for a year down under, hopefully starting 1 July 2002.

    Already we have 6 prayer rooms happening in the first coupe of months of this year, people are just so open to it.

    The decision is being made at the moment, a proposal was given to the leadership 2 weeks ago and they have a few questions about it which we have answered.

    Please pray...

  • That they will go with it, that the finances will be provided to employ a co-ordinator
  • That the right co-ordinator will be appointed (we have no idea who that will be and are waiting for God to show us).
  • Pray also that if we do go for a year, that we will sign up at least 52 Corps (Churches) and that the rest of the Salvation Army in Australia will join in with us. (The Salvos in Aus are divided up into 2 governing bodies (Territory's) and the other Territory has not moved towards this yet).

    Thanks heaps - look forward to hearing of more prayer rooms happening on the beach, with surfboards!!!!

    Paul Mergard

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