Meet our new 'Team Coach' - 28 Jan 2002

God's answered our prayers. Since the 'Round Table' back in September we've been looking for someone who could oversee the development of all the different 24-7 Bases in the world. We've called the role 'Team Coach'.

Well, Jonah Bailey - the 24-7 Spanish Base Leader has agreed to take the role of 'Team Coach' on a part time basis. He will continue to head up Spanish speaking 24-7 as well as work for YWAM planting a church in Seville but will give 3 months of his year to us. Loosely his responsibilities relate to visiting and helping the Bases develop, holding them accountable etc.

The other Base Leaders have reacted very positively.It really is a God-thing and I dont know why it didnt occur to us before! Jonahs just amazingly well qualified:

  • He's American which will help in developing things there
  • but he's also a seasoned missionary who fully understands cross cultural exchange and training.
  • Hes good with computers and is already planning monthly conference calls between everyone at 10 cents a minute?!?
  • He's also bilingual, an ordained pastor and good fun!

    Please pray for Jonah and his wife Heather as they pioneer so much!

    Jobs we still need to pray about include:

  • Someone to develop the whole Boiler Room vision internationally (needs to be a seasoned leader)
  • A journalist
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