USA: Exciting connections - 21 Jan 2002

Cheers for your prayers about my recent mad 'Thelma & Louise' style tour of the States with Dave Roberts. It was wicked! God lined up amazing connections that went way beyond the primary objective of just finding the right US publishers for the forthcoming books.

We hooked up with one particular bunch in Orlando who just totally caught the vision and have the same heart as us in terms of invading the culture, re-dreaming church and loving God. Cameron's comment was 'We feel like we just fell in love with you guys and we wanna work for you any way we can - paid or unpaid!"

At EMI in Nashville I got to share the vision with some big cheeses and to hook up with DJ Andy Hunter who's just completing his album there. Theres a chance that Dido may sing on it!!

In LA and Orlando we encountered exciting churches for the emerging culture. One gets Starbucks in to do the coffee! There is an incredible sense of something bubbling up in USA that isnt networked or controlled or branded. The vibe is that these books - plus records from people like Andy - are gonna express something that an awful lot of people are trying to say.

Samie was also fairly healthy while I was away so thanks for all your prayers.

In terms of book release dates it looks like:

  • 'The Vision' - out July 2002
  • 'Red Moon Rising' - out Setptember / October 2002
  • 'Awakening Cry' (updated version) - out April 2003
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