Video: Prayer Room in AustriaAdam Heather - 25 Apr 2012

Twelve years since the first Prayer Room was launched in Chichester, UK and Prayer Rooms have now spread into 119 Nations (over half the nations of the Earth). Each finding it's own flavour and expression, hundreds of thousands of people have found themselves in a Prayer Room and caught up in a movement that has prayed non-stop for over a decade and crossed national and denominational boundaries in the process. 

We love to hear the stories from people that are carrying the flame of 24-7 Prayer. This video is from Loretto, a spirit-filed Catholic community in Austria, who have been running with the 24-7 Prayer vision for years and here is an insight into their prayer community. 


If you have been running a 24-7 Prayer Room we would love to hear from you. Please email us your story; whether it is written, a video, recording or even a picture.


Adam Heather


Adam Heather takes care of all the Operations for 24-7 Prayer and serves on the Leadership Team of Emmaus Rd church in Guildford. He got hooked up with 24-7 after spending a year with a church in California. You can keep up with his infrequent communications at   twitter (@Adam_Heather)

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