Forbidden prayers being prayedThe Phantom Intercessor - 30 Mar 2012

 24-7 is taking off this week in a particular nation where believers can't preach openly but can still pray! For security reasons we cant tell you precisely where and who, but the organiser writes: 

'It is very difficult not to get choked up the minute you let yourself think about it - let yourself realise that we are launching a week of prayer in Arabic with Arab believers and others from so many nations including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, S.Korea, S Africa, New Zealand and Scotland. One man prays in old Syrian Arabic, which is the closest surviving language to Jesus' Aramaic. Someone else told me that his time in the prayer room was the most inspiring hour he's had since arriving here several years ago. The week of 24-7 carries on and we're loving it, but as ever it is a little like having a new baby, needing lots of care and attention. We're hoping we might get an hour in the prayer room ourselves if one comes free soon!'

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The Phantom Intercessor

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