Pray for Japan: Yokohama Prayer Room Video Rebecca Dunning - 28 Dec 2011

During Christmas week we're taking a look back over the year and re-blogging some of our favourite posts. In March the world watched and prayed as TV screens, newspapers and computers were filled with news of the Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan. 

Jon Petersen, 24-7 Prayer's International Communities leader, recently returned to Japan to continue work after the devastation of the recent earthquake and tsunami. He's been hopping back and forth between the states and Japan all year after God spoke during a time of prayer with 24-7's International Council.  It's been quite the adventure so far!  Joining him were a group from the Kansas City Boiler Room who have a heart for Asia.

Wendy Andrews, part of the International Prayer team, who has been in Japan 3 times in the last 7 months said, 

“Japan is a nation in crisis. These are important days for the nation as a whole.  I believe they are at a historical pivot point of what God is doing to turn the heart of the nation to him.

We desired to provide a place and space so that the Japanese people can encounter God in prayer. I believe that Romans 8 is a message in the midst of something of this magnitude … All of creation is longing and groaning for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed.”

Jon Petersen adds his perspective:

“I’m so grateful to the Kansas City Boiler Room Team and our new friends... They were a great blessing to our whole team as we hosted an "Open House" in Yokohama for the launch of the new 24-7 Prayer Room."

The commissioning of this, the first 24-7 Prayer Room for the churches in Yokohama, was caught on film. Take a look...

“God has also answered our prayers for an onsite leader," continues Jon. "Katie Cournick will oversee the development of the prayer room and organise Prayer Journeys into Tohoku (an area affected by the earthquake and tsunami) starting this October. 

We had a fantastic turn out for the Open House (24-7 Prayer Room) and were blessed by Word of Life church providing a Japanese feast for our guests. We had a sweet time of prayer dedicating the space to the Lord and also the offices for Hope for Living that shares the same space.  HFL is a project run by our friend, Andy Game, to provide an internet introduction to God and the Gospel which will be supported by a wide team of e-counselors. We are all believing that this could greatly impact the advance of the Gospel in Japan."

Katie is planning to be getting settled in Japan this September, and soon hopes to invite you to join teams visiting Japan in the fall. 24-7prayer is planning to join with Crash Japan to host 6-8 person prayer journeys into Tohoku, the earthquake and tsunami zone in October, November and December. The goal is to have intensive, sustained prayer that begins now and continues into the new year. Watch this space for more info.  Comment below if you're interested in hearing more!

Rebecca Dunning

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