It's Time to Stand Up!Ian Nicholson - 28 Mar 2011

Announcing the European Gathering 2011.

Aufstehen [German verb: 1. To stand up  2 To arise. 3 To get up]

As a child he had been active and carefree and never gave it a second thought. We don’t know when or how it all changed – was it a sudden trauma or gradual decline? What we do know is that for his 38 adult years he had been stuck, trapped and immobile, – his body’s paralysis raising a defiant ‘No’ to every hope and dream. A friend or two would carry him to the water’s edge where he lay day by day among the ‘blind and lame’. Just imagine ... 38 years, lying and thinking, lying and thinking with no escape from a cycle of despair. The stories of miracles for others were simply a reverberating taunt; they added humiliation upon humiliation. Then one day Jesus came with a seemingly cruel question ‘do you want to be made well?’ ‘What’s the point ? Even if the waters stir I can’t move’ ‘Well then get up, pick up your bed and walk’ - 38 years ended in an instant at the word of Jesus. (John 5:1-15)

These words keep coming back to me again and again; I recently woke up with them reverberating in my mind - ‘stand  ...arise and get up.’ As we have been praying and talking about this year’s Eurogathering there is a growing confidence that Jesus wants to meet His church in Europe and speak life, faith and boldness to us. Tommie Naumann, who is pioneering a growing church in Greece, declared that ‘we need to challenge a mindset that cripples faith.’

We believe that ‘Aufstehen’, 24-7’s Eurogathering, will be a key time. In 2001 over 1000 young Europeans met for several days in Frankfurt; 24-7prayer was just beginning and several hundred cried out in prayer for the nations in a nightclub car park on the final morning. The first mission teams were about to leave for Russia, Ibiza and India. And we were reminded of Pete Greig’s vision of an army of young people standing in each nation. After ten years of multiple, continuous prayer rooms we want to gather to hear the Lord’s  rallying cry - Stand Up! Church in Europe STAND UP!!

Whether you are from Ireland, Scandinavia, Turkey, Russia or Portugal and anywhere in between we want you to join us in Frankfurt from 6th – 9th October. There will be main meetings with great speakers, stories and updates, inspiring seminars and equipping workshops but the major emphasis will be on meeting God and each other. We are desperate to encounter God and hear His word to us.

'Aufstehen' will be in a fully equipped facility in the heart of Frankfurt with restaurant,  accommodation, seminar rooms and a rooftop space overlooking the city where we intend to host continuous prayer and worship throughout. We have worked hard to keep the cost down to £100 (approx €120) to include all conference costs, accommodation, breakfast and a main meal each day.(There will also be a limited bursary for those from more needy situations) ‘Aufstehen’ will be more European and multilingual than any 24-7 gathering so far.

The invitation is going out far and wide.  Some friends from other continents and a number of good friends like Burn24-7 will be gathering with us. Student and church groups are intending to be with us and our prayer is for it to be a transition point – for the army to stand up!

We want to see you there!

Tickets for the Aufstehen are on sale in the 24-7 Shop now. Visit the eurogathering pages to find out more.


Ian Nicholson


Ian Nicholson lives and works in Guildford, England and is one of the leaders of Guildford Boiler Room.  With a heart for mission and particularly Europe Ian is part of 24-7 Prayer's International Leadership Team and enjoys football, food with friends and international travel.

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