Pray for Egypt: 'For such a time as this'The Phantom Intercessor - 10 Feb 2011

I've heard many people comment recently that Egypt seems to be on a knife edge, right now no-one can be sure of the outcome of riots, revolution and political stand-offs. This week we received this email from the centre of Cairo encouraging us to continue to pray peace, justice and reconciliation for Egypt. 

Over the last few months the Lord has clearly spoken to us many times to prepare ourselves for something to come. For what, we did not know, nor could we ever have imagined the magnitude of this situation!

I want to start first by giving thanks to the Lord that though the Church building is located right next to the hottest spot of confrontation between the security forces, the army and the largest demonstrations, the Church building is unharmed (two  government buildings only a few meters away from the church were on fire and heavily damaged.) At the moment we are not able to reach the Church and to meet there.

Our prayer meetings had intensified during the last three months, accompanied with forty days of fasting by the end of the year in which more than one thousand two hundred (1200) people participated. We heard many prophetic messages indicating a huge change coming in 2011. The feeling we had was similar to the feelings of Esther; a time of a great danger mixed with a time of great victory, and how the Lord put her in this position 'for such a time as this' (Esther 4:14).

We could never have imagined this situation! So, while we are going to the streets with our neighbours to protect our homes from the mobs, we are still on our knees in prayer, praying in small groups all over the city. We are trying to form action groups, to organize our efforts to respond to medical needs, to participate in cleaning the city from the huge amount of trash accumulation, and also to coordinate traffic control, since all the police traffic agents have left their positions leaving the streets in total chaos.

Our people are encouraged and courageously active in helping with practical needs, however, we need your prayerful support as the situation is not stable at all.

Pray with us for:

  • The safety of the church and boldness of our people, (perhaps like Esther, we are here for such a time like this) , the new relationships that are being made as our church members are meeting some of their neighbours for the first time.
  • That each one of us would be a source of peace and hope, as the dominant feelings on the streets are anger and fear.
  • Pray for the government that they will make righteous decisions for the people and the nation and be able to meet the needs of the people. 
  • Pray against the dark spiritual forces that are influencing the people, particularly those in authority, these forces are the same as those in the time of the Pharaohs, they are occult and witchcraft in nature. 
  • Pray that the people will not try to impose unreasonable problems for the government and the authorities.
  • Pray for the safety of the people and foreigners here particularly with regard to the police.
  • Pray that the church will hear from God with regard to how He wants us to speak Kingdom life here and to make full use of the opportunities that come up.

The Phantom Intercessor

The Phantom Intercessor is a fictional writer employed for pieces where the authorship of an article is generic or where the writer needs to remain anonymous.

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