Operation World Webcast Nov 9thCarla Harding - 5 Nov 2010

Prayer changes the world.  It blows my mind… but it’s true.  Jesus invited each and every one of us to weald world redeeming power with the simple prayer, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” I feel like half of what I’ve learned through praying 24-7, is to take that invitation seriously.

Next week a book is released that is, quite frankly, the best tool I've ever read to mobilise me to pray for the world.  Operation World is a prayer guide to every nation on the planet.  It's full of information and guidance for intercession.  If we each bought this book and took just one nation a day, it would amazing to hear to the 'amen's resounding in heaven and the impact of such prayers on the earth.  To share the vision for the book the author Jason Mandryk is hosting a very special web event...

Next week there will be a live webcast launch to celebrate the new edition of Operation World exclusively at www.OperationWorld.org. Mark your calendars for Tuesday November 9 at 12:00 noon U.S. Central Time and 7:00 PM U.S. Central Time.  Don't miss this special opportunity to hear Jason Mandryk, author and researcher behind Operation World, cast his vision for the power of informed prayer for the nations.  Featured in the webcast will be the below video by our very own Pete Greig.  Click to play it now and hear why Pete considers this a vital tool to shape our prayers...


Carla Harding

Director for 24-7 Prayer GB

Carla leads on the work and growth of 24-7 Prayer across Great Britain and she is part of the Lectio 365 team, helping people pray the Bible every day. Her life was hijacked by God in 1999 during a two hour stint in the first ever 24-7 Prayer Room. Carla loves prayer and worship, friends and food, a well told story and a challenge to get her teeth into. In her spare time, Carla is an active member of Revelation Family Church, a 24-7 Prayer Community. She lives in Chichester, UK with her husband Steve and their children Jackson and Eloise.

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