Euro Voices - MacedoniaAlek Madzarovski - 11 Jun 2010

A crossroads between the east and the west since ancient times, Macedonia is a small country with 2 million people situated in the Balkans between Serbia and Greece and Albania and Bulgaria. For fifty years Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia and under the socialist regime which finally fell in the early 90’s. The society is multicultural and the majority of people say that they are Orthodox Christians and there is a number of Muslims also.

“Glasnost” is a church/community that works in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, mainly focusing on the youth culture. We are a community of about 30 people and we try to reach out to the young people in different sub-cultures like music and arts. We also have a community in a town called Veles, a wonderful group of young people who reach out to the youth in their town through hip-hop, martial arts etc. At the moment we are trying to start another community in a small town in central Macedonia called Sveti Nikole and also in a town at the border with Greece called Gevgelija.

Glasnost has been a part of 24-7 prayer almost since the very beginning and at the moment we are slowly in the process of becoming a resource center for the Balkans and also we serve the local churches through prayer room ideas and the book Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig which we translated into Macedonian a few years ago.

We would really need prayer as we go and try to plant the new communities. Pray that the Lord will connect us with key people and that he will give us favor. Pray also that despite of the bad economic situation the people from Glasnost will have jobs and be a blessing to the people around them. Pray for creative ideas how to reach our friends and subcultures in Skopje.  

24-7 Prayer is holding a gathering of people from the Balkan region in Macedonia this weekend.  Click here to read more.

To join with Christians all over the world in praying for the prodigal continent of Europe visit our new website where you can sign up to pray, for weekly newsletters and prayer resources. You might also like to read Ian Nicholson's article Restoring the Romance or watch our excellent European Prayer video.

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Alek Madzarovski

Alek Madzarovski is married to the lovely Ana and has 2 young children. He's a musician and poet and also helps lead the 24-7 Boiler Room in Skopje, Macedonia.

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