Caravans and CathederalsScot Bower - 24 May 2010

Two stories from the city of York in the UK caught my attention recently. Last Monday I was sent this video from the guys at G2 who had been praying 24-7 in a caravan on the city streets. There were stories of healing and people meeting with God on their own in stillness and meditation or with a group of friends at 1am. One guy even ran 6 miles before his 2am prayer slot and then an hour later ran home again! That’s commitment… or lunacy! Check out their video.


The second story came from the 24-7 Prayer UK site which carried another report from York. It began “Just back from the prayer tent in York minster where there has been unceasing prayer happening since midnight Sunday…” the report continues with a story of Bishops and Archbishops visiting the Prayer Room which is pretty cool in itself (You can read the rest of the blog on the UK site). But I was thrown by that first line: ‘…the Prayer Tent…’ – A Prayer Room complete with the usual trappings – post it prayers, creative painting (of varying standards), maps and pins, washing lines of prayer pegs etc. ‘In…’ – Inside, within the building of. ‘York Minster’ – one of the oldest and grandest centres of Christian worship in the world!


And the bit I like best from these 2 stories? That the G2 guys who prayed last week in their caravan on one side of town are joining with other churches in with the non-stop prayer in the Minster. God doesn’t work in isolation and whether you’re praying in an old caravan or one of the most spectacular buildings in the world you are conversing with Jesus.

Scot Bower

Scot Bower is married to the beautiful Misty and they have 2 children who are growing up way too fast. Scot and Misty have been part of 24-7 Prayer movement for longer than either of them can remember, they now live in Guildford, England where they help to lead the Emmaus Rd community. Scot is Chief Operating Officer at CSW - a Christian human rights organisation specialising in freedom of religion or belief around the world.

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