Restoring the Romance By Ian NicholsonIan Nicholson - 22 Feb 2010

24-7 Prayer is unleashing a major season of prayer for Europe. Urgently and unashamedly we are calling people around the world to join us in an initial 6 months of non-stop prayer for this prodigal continent.

In just a few short generations Europe has squandered her God-given heritage. However, even though we may have left the Father, we know He has not left us.

Twenty years ago Pete Greig, one of the founders of 24-7 Prayer, stood at Cape St Vincent, Europe’s most westerly point, and prayed.  As he began calling out each country  by name God shook him with a vision of ‘a faceless army of young people in every nation awaiting orders’. Ten years later a continuous prayer movement exploded among young people, and spread like ‘wildfire’ across Europe through years of prayer, mission teams and Boiler Room communities of intense prayer and mission. Then just last year 200 of us from 16 European nations gathered in Amsterdam at 24-7 Prayer's second ‘Eurogathering’ and God spoke again. We now need to respond, in prayer, on our knees for Europe. We firmly believe that this is a ‘kairos’ moment of opportunity. The Father is calling us to ‘rekindle the romance’ and return to His embrace in the place of prayer. He is also calling us to ‘recover the ground’ through Spirit energised action. 

The call is simple – a worldwide season of 24-7 prayer for Europe beginning on Friday 26th March 2010 and we are inviting you to take your place with us praying for the prodigal continent.
If you are a European Christian, whether in Greece, Russia, Spain, Iceland or anywhere in between, we want to ask you to give some time each week to pray for your continent. If you are elsewhere, like the first Macedonians, we want to urgently call you to ‘come over and help us’ in prayer. We want to call the hundreds and thousands but also the two’s and three’s and lone pray-ers to join us.

And as we pray together we want to dare each other:
We dare you to dream of fresh waves of mission and church planting.
We dare you to pray for the raising up of workers to establish ‘colonies of heaven’ in the darkest, unreached places.
We dare you to imagine an expression of church for every culture, tribe and tongue in Europe.

We believe that He is raising up an army that will follow the Holy Spirit wherever He leads us, an army of love, power and humility which exists to see a continent return to the Father’s love. The dream is that the glory of the latter ‘house’ in Europe will eclipse anything we have seen so far. The starting place is on our knees – please join us in praying 24-7 for Europe.

“Stand with us wherever you are in the world and lets pray together.  Let’s pray for revival, lets pray for God to move in Europe, lets pray for God to get hold of hearts, lets pray for new leaders to be raised up in every field of society. We have an opportunity, let's gather together and seize it!”
(Pete Greig) 

If you'd like to join us or for more information register your details on our mailing list or if you’d like to chat about 24-7 Prayer's call to pray for Europe contact or


Ian Nicholson

European Director

Ian Nicholson has had a background in European mission and church leadership for over 40 years. One of the founding leaders of 24-7 Prayer and Guildford Boiler Room (now Emmaus Road Church), Ian is part of 24-7’s International leadership. He is also a Chaplain and Director of Woking Football Club.

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