Reading to take a Christmas holiday - 28 Nov 2001

The Reading Boiler Room has really been in danger of becoming a victim of its own success.
  • 8 of the regulars became christians last week
  • shed-loads of people hang out there open to the gospel
  • all sorts of Christians from catholic to Quaker are praying together
  • even the mayor has been popping in

    It's just been going too well and so Andy freeman has been doing the job of about 4 people - and getting very tired in the process.
    As a result - after lots of prayer and chatting with local leaders - we've decided to close the building for 3 weeks over Christmas to give everyone a chance to recover - and enjoy Jesus' birthday. The prayer will continue in peoples' homes wherever possible. andy himself is gonna take a well earned holiday with his family for 2 weeks and then have a week to work and study before the doors re-open.

    We've laways seen Reading as a prototype and are learning tonnes as we go on - not least how many staff such a place requires! Brilliantly God is providing in the mosts amazing way. A number of absolute quality people have been recruited supernaturally by God to join the team there either full or part time - starting in january. At the same time we have received a number of wonderful donations to help pay for all this.

    With regards to the Christmas holiday - we would welcome your comments. Technically we are stepping back from the 24-7-365 model and havent done so lightly. We just felt we shouldn't get legalistic about the model when so much amazing stuff is going on and that we haven't got anything to prove with regard to non-stop prayer with all the prayer rooms on the go round the world! I guess what we're feeling is that God is more concerened about the quality of our lives than the quantity of our prayers and that we need to re-charge so that in the new year we will be able to pray and witness more effectively and joyfully.

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