Daily Prayer: What Helps You?Carla Harding - 26 Aug 2009

The aim of the 24-7 Prayer movement is not to see Prayer Rooms land in every church on planet earth; instead we want to use the challenge of continual prayer to kick start life-long prayer lives.  With this in mind recently we’ve been toying with the idea of producing some daily devotional materials; something to give people inspiration to continue praying beyond their Prayer Room experience.  24-7 Prayer Spaces, the first season of our devotional Podcast, was surprisingly popular shooting straight to the top of the iTunes Religion & Spirituality Podcast Charts in the UK.  The 24-7 PrayerCast, a series of videos through which 24-7 leaders led us in prayer for the continent in Europe, achieved the same and was popular on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and personal blogs.  Whenever we release something calling people to prayer it seems to spread far and wide, so we’re wondering whether there’s a need or desire for us to do something more sustainable.

We’d love to know what you think:

Do you currently use a good daily devotional resource you would recommend to the rest of the 24-7 movement?

Would you be interested in one produced by the 24-7 community?

How would you like to receive it if you did: email, text, twitter, Podcast, booklet or some other way?

Email me; I’d love to hear your thoughts.  At the very least we’d love to put together some recommended resources already being produced to equip people in their personal prayer lives.


Carla Harding

GB National Director

Carla Harding is the National Director for 24-7 Prayer Great Britain. Her life was hijacked by God in 1999 during a two hour stint in the first 24-7 Prayer Room...

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