Manchester united... - 29 Nov 2001

Things are looking really exciting for the launch of our 2nd Boiler Room in Mancester,UK next year. As you can see from the picture its gonna be very different from reading.

Manchester United
All sorts of agencies, churches and key ministries are now 'on board' and very excited. One homeless charity has even offered to keep us supplied with toliet paper - so God is literally providing for every need! One awesome thing is that DJ cameron dante - who's setting up a new nightclub in the city - has offered to give us a purpose-built prayer room in the building. we just have to send our requirements to his architects!!

Oria Kroeker who is heading up the Boiler Room there says she reckons she'll explode if she has to explain the vision to just one more person - she's done it sooo many times over recent weeks.

The team behind the manchester BR is truly international - a Canadian, Vietnamese, Brit and kenyan so far!! please pray for the development of this exciting initiative fr manchester - planned to launch in March!

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