Bible Studies on Prayer

The Bible is full of teaching on prayer - we've listed a selection of passages below. Select a passage to study, read through each verse and make note of: 

  1. Who is speaking
  2. When or why we're told to pray
  3. Any instruction on how to pray
  4. Any indication of what we may achieve
  5. What impacts you about the prayer lives of Biblical characters

Before you begin, ask God to speak to you through the words in the scripture and record anything that impacts you as you read. Dwell on the passage for as long as you have time for, and allow God to meet with you.  

Prayer In the Old Testament:

In the New Testament:

About Jesus praying:

Recorded prayers of Jesus:

Jesus the Intercessor:

Jesus' teaching about prayer:

The Apostle Paul:

With thanks to The Praying Church Sourcebook by Alvin J. Vander Griend, CRC Publications 1997, Michigan


Be encouraged to pray the Bible: we've got a webpage with practical ideas.