Belfast 2019 Talks and Seminars


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Please note that there is a range of sound quality in these recordings, and although we've tried our best, you might find that some parts of individual seminars are difficult to hear or vary in volume. 

Some of our 2019 seminars can't go online because of the sensitive nature of the content. However, we'll be continuing to add content to this list very soon. 

Transforming education: Prayer Spaces in Schools
with Tandia Hughes and Phil Togwell

The Future of Church: Surviving and thriving in a modern world
with The Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin

Reimagining prayer spaces
with Crystal Cryer and Carla Harding

Rediscovering scripture's vision for women
with Lucy Peppiatt

Peace-making in a divided nation: Hope in Northern Ireland
with Jonny Clark 

Off-Grid in Canada
with Aaron White and Sue Carr

Off-grid in Bethlehem
with Ian Nicholson and Rich Dawson

No Neutral Ground
with Pete and Sarah Portal

Lost and Found: God's business
with Dave Lynas

Leading through pain
with Alain Emerson and Sammy Greig

Leadership Q & A 
with Pastor Agu Irukwu 

How to Build a 24-7 ecosystem in a locale
with the 24-7 Hamilton Team

How do we actually rewire the culture?
with Peter Lynas

How do we actually revive the church?
with Aaron White and Dori Friesen

Developing your inner world
with Brian and Tracy Heasley

Built to Last
with Nkosinathi Mbuyazi

24-7 Prayer and Church Unity in Cities
with Adam Cox

Bearing Witness - Comforting the Weak, Challenging the Powers
with Bob Ekblad

Intercession - What God is doing at this time 
with Pete Greig