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The Vision Course is a five-month training program for young adults, set in the context of the thriving 24-7 Prayer community of Navah Church KC (formerly the Kansas City Boiler Room). Come be consumed with Jesus, immersed in Kingdom family, fueled by prayer, rooted in identity and launched in love.

The Vision Course was inspired by Pete Greig's Vision Poem, a radical call to discipleship written on the wall of the first 24-7 prayer room, which went on to mobilize countless disciples around the world. If your vision is to change the world, The Vision Course will change your life.

During The Vision Course you will LIVE amongst a vibrant prayer-centered community in Kansas City, Missouri, LEARN about who God is and who you are in His eyes (journeying through the entire Bible), and LOVE the world in practical ways, including opportunities for cross-cultural local, national or international missions. It’s spiritual formation, Biblical education and social transformation all rolled into one amazing course.

Applications for our January 2017 term are now open. Contact us at if you have any questions.

Applications are now closed
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Course Dates: 6 Jan 2017 - 31 May 2017
Cost: 8900 USD This includes tuition, housing, food and outreach costs.
Min Age: 18
Apply by: 31 Oct 2016



Tuition: $3,500 per person

Students will be in classes full time. 

Housing: $300 per month, per person

Housing costs are for January - April. We will arrange community housing for all students. 

Food: $300 per month

Food costs are for January -April. We can accommodate for gluten intolerance and vegetarian needs.

LOVE Phase Outreach: $3,000 per person

Outreach will take place from May 1-31. Outreach locations are TBD.

Total: $8,900


We host community living for students and will place you accordingly. Each student will also learn and be equipped to raise support for their LOVE Phase outreach. 


We joyfully welcome applicants from other nations! We have hosted students from Africa, Asia and Europe in the past. We are currently working to become certified as a school with the U.S. government. This certification will give us a more streamlined visa process for those interested in joining us from other nations. Please get in touch with us if you are not currently a U.S. citizen and would like to apply for the Vision Course.

A clear understanding of the English language is essential to attending the Vision Course KC, as we are unable to offer translation services right now.  

Ready to applY?

Apply today at the Vision Course KC website.

Got questions?

E-mail us at!

Joseph Steinke – 24-7 Academy Director (USA)

Graham Catto – Vision Course KC Director

Katie Egli – Vision Course KC Co-Director


January 2017 - April 2017

Throughout the Vision Course, we'll hear from Kingdom leaders from around the globe, especially those who serve throughout the 24-7 Prayer community. During our classroom-based training, we incorporate a wide variety of teaching and learning styles. We have a strong value for an interactive environment of the Holy Spirit through one another. Expect to ask questions and engage in facilitated conversations that create diverse and personal learning moments. We will be tackle the following questions, and more:

Who is God? – Theology and God Story

What has He done? – Gospel and Kingdom

How do I know Him? – Relational Spirituality

Who am I? – Identity and Value

Who are we to one another? – Kingdom Family and Church

How do we relate to the world? – Worldview and Participation

What are we to do? – Vocation and Mission

What’s been done before? – Historical Clarity

How do we prepare? – Leadership and Project Development

Students will be in classes full time, so working during the Vision Course KC is not permitted.


(May 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017) 

We have many opportunities to serve cross-culturally in national and international missions. The mission of each class will be determined based upon that year and also where the local Boiler Room’s focus is in that season. We will partner with the larger 24-7 Prayer community in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth.

Here are a few of the places we have on our radar for potential LOVE Phase locations: 

USA - Boiler Room Communities (Tulsa, Oklahoma / Grand Rapids, Michigan)

International - Japan (Tokyo / Iwaki / Hitachi), Lebanon (Beirut) 

Fundraising for LOVE Phase costs are separate from program costs. For more information on program costs, payment plans, housing and other details, feel free to contact us at


The God Story is one of the staples of our curriculum. It is a chronological, narrative approach to teaching Scripture spanning the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It equips us with a big picture understanding of Scripture and imprints us with kingdom family DNA. The goal of the God Story is to encounter God, discover your identity as sons and daughters in Christ and step forward into Kingdom destiny in the Father’s story.

FAQ coming soon! In the meantime, please e-mail us at with any questions.

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