Vision Course

 Our Vision Course will help you lay foundations of biblical knowledge, cross-cultural mission, character development and - of course - prayer, for the rest of your life.


LIVE amongst a vibrant prayer-centered community in the UK
LEARN about who God is and who you are in His eyes
LOVE the world in practical ways including one month on mission.

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It's called The Vision Course after Pete Greig’s Vision Poem, a radical call to discipleship written on the wall of the first 24-7 prayer room, which went on to galvanize millions of disciples around the world.

If your vision is to change the world, The Vision Course will change your life.

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Applications are now closed
Location: Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex, England
Course Dates: 8 Sep 2018 - 1 Mar 2019
Cost: £4400 includes: tuition fees, accommodation, conferences + 1 month mission trip
Min Age: 18
Apply by: 19 Aug 2018

Know who you are. Discover what you were called to do.

The Vision Course is a life-changing opportunity to train alongside 24-7 Prayer at our 24-7 Prayer Stanford Boiler Room Community. 

Join us for 6 months that will equip you in your prayerful pursuit of the Father's kingdom and your participation in Jesus' mission, as you join the Spirit's work in our world. 

‘The Vision Course is the best thing I’ve ever seen for discipling young leaders into the call that God’s got for their lives.  Over five months we’ll train your mind, your heart and your hands to discover who you are and the unique call that God has got on your life.  If your vision is to change the world, the vision course will change your life.’ 

Pete Greig

The course is designed with three core elements: Live, Love, Learn.


Living in the rhythms of a vibrant prayer community is an essential experience that orients your soul to being at home with the presence of God in the fellowship of friends.

Character is best tried and made true in the pressure of honest, respectful and open relationships. We welcome a culture of encouragement and challenge for personal growth by speaking the truth in love and responding with repentance in joyful humility.

Community living, rhythms of prayer, and missional work are guided by a team of leaders and mentors who will care for your soul as we do life together.

You will be hosted (by lovely families or in missional community house-shares) by 24-7 Prayer Stanford, a vibrant boiler room community east of London, led by Robb and Sally Harman and team. 

Living in community and exercising and receiving hospitality are core values of the 24-7 Prayer movement and being hosted amongst the Boiler room community is often a highlight of the Vision Course.


Loving people is the nature of God and our inheritance in Christ.

The Gospel commands us to be the ambassadors of reconciliation to all peoples everywhere. We'd love to help you share Jesus' love with specific groups of people in innovative, sustainable ways. 

During your training phase in Stanford you will get involved in local missional outreach efforts, joining with 24-7 Prayer Stanford in our vision to bring the Gospel of Jesus to our town. 

You will get the chance to join our teams serving in youth work, childrens work, outreach to students and family outreach programmes; bringing care and practical help to families in local estates. 

You will also get involved serving on our Sunday teams: whether welcoming, leading worship or helping with our students or kids, we will tailor your outreach programme to suit your gifts and passions. 

At the end of your 5 month training phase, the Vision Course culminates with a month's missional adventure to a 24-7 Prayer community in Europe.

Whether in the clubbing capital of Ibiza, a gypsy camp in Macedonia or a church plant on the peace line in Northern Ireland, you will be joining our long-term teams at the frontline of pioneering mission, bringing light where there’s darkness and sharing the good news about Jesus to the last, the least and the lost.


Throughout your time on the Vision Course, we will journey through Scripture, addressing key theological issues and studying them within the context of prayer, mission and community.

As such the teaching you receive on the Vision Course is a diverse blend of practical and theological learning, all of which is cemented in time spent in the prayer room, coming face to face with and worshipping the God we seek to learn more about.

We love the model of Jesus with his disciples and the Apostle Paul with Timothy as our way of imparting life-on-life learning.  Each student is assigned a personal mentor to help them process the lectures and begin to apply their learning to their character development.

The content of our curriculum is based in the ancient truth of the Scriptures, and interpreted into our current context with practical applications.

Each module within the curriculum is taught with certain learning outcomes in mind to ensure a quality educational experience for every student.  For more on the curriculum, check out this video.

Our teaching is conducted by an extraordinary group of theologians and practitioners from a wide range of church backgrounds as well as various members of the 24-7 Prayer leadership team.  They bring with them experience and wisdom from many different spheres and contagious passion to invest into emerging young leaders.

During the first 4 months of the Vision Course, we will journey together through Scripture and undergo substantial theological and Biblical training, covering a rich curriculum and at each step of the way fulfilling prescribed learning outcomes in order to ensure a strong educational experience. 

All this is done, however, within the practical context of prayer and community.  If you are interested in theology but would like to learn and discuss in a non-abstract and contextual way, the Vision Course would be perfect for you.

‘Oh, how I love your law!
It is my meditation all the day.’

Psalm 119:97

Our curriculum is based around the following questions:

Who is God? - Theology/God Story
What has He Done? - Gospel & Kingdom
How do I know Him? - Relational Spirituality
Who am I? - Identity & Value
Who are we to one another? - Kingdom Family/Church
How do we relate to the world? - Worldview/Participation
What are we to do? - Vocation/Mission
What's been done before? – Church History
How do we prepare? - Leadership & Project Development

Our teaching is conducted by an extraordinary group of theologians and practitioners from a wide range of church backgrounds as well as various members of the 24-7 Prayer leadership team.  They bring with them experience and wisdom from many different spheres and a contagious passion to invest into emerging young leaders.

Check out this short video to hear some of our lecturers speak about their favourite Vision Course teaching topics, or download the full curriculum here:

Pete Greig 

Pete is one of the founding champions of the 24-7 prayer movement. He is the author of a number of books and serves as Director of Prayer for Alpha International and leads Emmaus Road Community Church in Guildford. 

Pete spends a lot of time talking to the Vision Course students about prayer and how to find a vision for their lives. 

Roger Ellis

Roger is an author, church planter and fish farmer. He, along with his wife Maggie, founded Revelation Church in Chichester, which hosted the very first 24-7 Prayer Room as well as pioneering the student movement Fusion.

Roger now heads up the 24-7 Academy, helping to train young leaders all over the world.

Hannah heather

Hannah Heather co-ordinates The Vision Course and is passionate about seeing a generation discipled in radical intimacy.  Originally from N. Ireland, Hannah studied theology at the University of St Andrews and worked for Alpha before coming to help lead The Vision Course.

Hannah is usually in the nearest coffee shop chatting to students about life, theology and changing the world.

Who’s the Vision Course for?

Everyone aged between 18 and 30 who loves Jesus!  Whether you’ve just finished school or Uni or you want to take five months out to be discipled, learn theology and do mission, the Vision Course could be perfect for you.  As well as theology and mission, the Vision Course focuses on character and leadership development.  If you possess a leadership gifting and feel called to full time ministry, we also have specialized streams, which can be incorporated into your training.  If you want to do the Vision Course but don’t feel you fit these boxes, do get in touch anyway and we’d love to discuss it with you.

What differentiates the Vision Course from other courses?

The Vision Course is a unique blend of community living, focused prayer, discipleship, theology, local and inter-cultural mission.  Whatever your background or experience, the Vision Course will propel you deeper into your faith, your understanding and your gifts as well as sharpening your character development and guiding you into your calling.

During the 4 month training phase in Stanford you will undergo substantial theological and Biblical training, covering a rich curriculum and at each step of the way fulfilling prescribed learning outcomes in order to ensure a strong educational experience.  All this is done, however, within the practical context of prayer and community.  If you are interested in theology but would like to learn and discuss in a non-abstract and contextual way, the Vision Course would be perfect for you.

The missional phase of the course offers intercultural integration into one of our 24-7 communities in Europe and the chance to engage in truly radical expressions of outreach.  

What will the mission phase involve?

After 4 months of intensive theological and leadership training, the Vision Course team is commissioned out to serve alongside one of our long-term mission partners in Europe for a month.  Whether you are in Ibiza, Macedonia or Ireland, you will find yourself at the cutting edge of prayer, mission and justice, bringing the hope of Jesus amongst the poor, the lost and the broken.   

How will the Vision Course help with my future?

Whether you go on to become a doctor or a vicar, the Vision Course will give you an incredible foundation for the life that God has called you to.  Your character will be shaped and your skills sharpened, equipping you to be the leader you were created to be – in whichever sphere God calls you to.

As a training platform to the career you are working towards or as a prayerful space to help you figure out what to do next, the Vision Course will help you immensely.

Where will I live?

Vision Course students are hosted by lovely families from our local Boiler room (24-7 Prayer Stanford) or in missional community house-shares.  Your Vision Course fees cover all of your accommodation and basic food costs during your training.  Living in community and exercising and receiving hospitality are core values of the 24-7 Prayer movement and being hosted amongst the Boiler room community is often a highlight of the Vision Course.

What do I get for my money?

The total cost of the course is £4400.  This amount is subsidized by 24-7 Prayer in order to make it as accessible as possible.  The cost breakdown is as follows:

Training phase (£2400): Accommodation, food, lecture fees, literature and course materials, transport, access to 24-7 Prayer events, local outreach costs and residential road-trips to other 24-7 Prayer communities (Emmaus Rd Church, Revelation church, Global Generation church, Arun community church).

Mission phase (£2000): Flights, accommodation, food, training, team T-shirts, insurance.

As part of the UK Vision Course, you'll also have the opportunity to attend the 24-7 Prayer's European Conference in Vienna in October 2018. For more information head to the Vienna event page.

Do I need all the money up front?

We do require that all course fees are paid before students begin the course.  This can, however, be paid in monthly installments leading up to the start of the course if that is helpful.  All fees are due by 19 August 2018.

A deposit of £50 (in cash or cheque payable to: 24-7 Prayer) is also required upon application but this is returned to you if your application is unsuccessful.  If accepted on the course, we will send you the bank details you will need to pay your fees.

How do I get the money?

Firstly, pray for it!  Your Vision Course adventure starts here and fundraising to come on the course is a fantastic way to exercise your prayer and faith muscles in preparation.  The Bible is full of inspiring assurances of how God will provide for his followers. God is always fully aware of our needs and the word of God tells us that He wants us to come to Him with all of our requests.  So get praying!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.Matthew 7: 7-8

Secondly, ask for it!  A great place to go to for support, both prayerfully and financially, is your local church family.  Do take every opportunity available to talk about what you are going to do and ask for help in reaching your fundraising targets. 

You may also want to write a support letter to your friends and family asking for help.  Supporting your fundraising is a wonderful way for them to get involved in what you are doing – and they will appreciate hearing your updates during and after the course. 

A great book to give you some more ideas on this is ‘Friend Raising’ by Betty Barnett

Thirdly, get creative!  There are lots of simple and fun ways to fundraise and the internet is full of creative suggestions.  From car washing to bake sales to quiz nights, the possibilities are endless. Play to your strengths and enlist lots of friends to help along the way.  Why not try doing one simple idea each month in the lead up to the course and see how much you can raise?

Is it possible to do the training and not the travel?

Although we do recommend doing the full, comprehensive Vision Course, it is possible to only do the training and lecture phase.  Please contact the UK Vision Course team to discuss other options.  

What sort of things might the Vision Course lead to?

Vision Course alumni have gone on to do incredible things in every sphere of society.  Some have gone into full time ministry with Christian charities, churches or in the mission field.  Others have gone on to further study at University or entered into careers in teaching, mental health care, dance and many other things!  With the Vision Course as 24-7 Prayer’s primary training vehicle, some past students now work for 24-7 Prayer International, whilst others have been commissioned out to be full time 24-7 Prayer mission partners in Ibiza and Japan.  To read more about past Vision Course students and their stories from the course, click the ‘testimonies’ tab. 

Whether you feel a call into Christian ministry or not, the Vision Course is excellent foundational discipleship training which will deepen your faith and help you serve the kingdom of God in whichever sphere you go into.

Is there an age limit?

The minimum age requirement to do the course is 18.  Although the course is aimed at 18 – 30 year olds, we do accept students who exceed the upper age range if we think they will be able to benefit from the course. 

If you are outside of this bracket but interested in the course, you are very welcome to contact the UK Vision Course team to discuss your application but please do be aware that the majority of students will be 18 – 30 and as such, the teaching and activities are largely directed to that age group.

Do I need any prior theological training?

Absolutely not!  If you love Jesus and would like to know him more, you are fully qualified to attend our training programme.  The teaching is very accessible and interactive so will progress at the pace each group chooses.  We have had students with theology degrees attend the course as well as those who have no background in the subject at all.  Both have found it very beneficial in their growing understanding of God, church and faith.

Can I attend the UK course if I am from outside of the EU?  Or the US course if I am from the UK?

Unfortunately, due to visa restrictions, we can currently only accept students who live in the EU or have a British passport.  We do, however, run the Vision Course in the US as well so if you’re a North American applicant, please do check out their course information.  If you are from the EU, you cannot currently apply for the US Vision course due to visa restrictions.

How do I apply?

Simply download our application pack, fill out the application form, and send this, along with your £50 deposit and 2 reference forms to: 24-7 Prayer International, Allen House Pavilion, Eastgate Gardens, Guildford, GU1 4AZ. 

We will contact you shortly after we receive your application to arrange an interview either in person or on Skype.  You will be contacted shortly after your interview to hear if your application has been successful.

When is the application deadline?

Applications will close on 18 August 2018.  We suggest you get your application to us as soon as possible so you will have plenty of time to prepare and fundraise before the course begins.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the UK Vision Course team

What a handful of former students have to say about the course.

"The Vision Course has been a whirlwind of spiritual development and friendship, discovering the excitement of following God and sharing food, wrestling huge themes and top banter, God’s presence with us throughout the day and throughout the days.  I feel totally broken and uplifted by God’s love for me." 
Danny Hampson (Class of 2014)

"The Vision Course has been some of the best months of my life.  The course is genuinely life changing and has the ability to transform the world."
Jonathan Radmall (Class of 2014)

"Being in a new place and around new people has allowed me to start from scratch, to build the foundations in my relationship with God that I will carry with me the rest of my life."
Nicky McMullin (Class of 2012)

"I have been hugely challenged and stretched in my thinking, and my perspectives on a whole host of subjects are now vastly different, meaning I now look at God, the world around me, and the people in it in a completely new way. It was the hours in the prayer room that taught me about myself. I now have dreams I’m excited to pursue.  I now have visions of what could be, and I’m ready to start doing whatever it takes to make them happen."
Scott Riddle (Class of 2012)

"The Vision Course has been amazing at showing me my potential and equipping me to go and fulfil it. I’m leaving with confidence in who God is, who I am in God and confidence that he is going to do great things with and through my life."
Chloe Allan (Class of 2013)

"The Vision Course is up there with my baptism as a pivotal moment in my spiritual life and walk with God.  It gave my biblical and theological knowledge an exponential boost.  It allowed me to make new friends and hugely widen my networks.  It brought me opportunities I wouldn’t have had anywhere else but most importantly, it gave me a hunger to see prayer, mission and justice flow through everything.  To see God’s kingdom come."
Christie Harman (Class of 2012)

"One of the best things about the Vision Course has been the incredible opportunities we have participated in. We have done everything on the Vision Course from working with the 24-7 Prayer office team to running prayer spaces in schools, and even touring with the Archbishop of Canterbury! We really get to become a part of the 24-7 movement."
Sarah Millican (Class of 2013)

"When you read the Vision Course tag line: 'life-changing, world-changing', don’t dismiss it. The course really invests into you as an individual and believes that you will go on to change the world because with God, nothing is impossible." 
Zoe Moass (Class of 2013)

Pete Greig

Pete is one of the founding champions of the 24-7 Prayer movement. He is author of a number of books and serves as Director of Prayer for Alpha Int’l. Pete also leads Emmaus Rd, a Boiler Room community in Guildford (UK) where he lives with wife Sammy, their two sons, and Noodle the Labradoodle.

Roger Ellis

Roger is an author, church planter and fish farmer. He, along with his wife Maggie, founded Revelation Church in Chichester, which hosted the very first 24-7 Prayer Room, and pioneered the student movement Fusion. Roger now heads up the 24-7 Academy, training young leaders around the world.

Hannah Heather

Hannah co-ordinates 24-7 Prayer’s Vision Course and is passionate about seeing a generation discipled. Hannah studied theology at University of St. Andrews. She misses the beach and Northern Irish accents but is delighted to be caught up in the crazy, explosive and life-changing movement that is 24-7 Prayer.

Adam Heather

Adam is the Operations Director for 24-7 Prayer. Adam got caught up in the 24-7 movement after spending a year studying with a church in California. He lives in Guildford (UK) where he serves as part of the leadership of Emmaus Rd Community Church. 

Brian Heasley

Brian is 24-7 Prayer's International Prayer Director, and also headed up 24-7’s mission work in Ibiza for 8 years. Brian is also the author of ‘Gatecrashing’ and lives in Norfolk (UK) with his wife Tracy and their two sons.

Ian Nicholson

Ian has been a missionary, Bible smuggler, TV salesman, church leader, youth worker and founder of the Matrix charity. Currently he is European Director of 24-7 Prayer and chaplain to Woking Football Club.

Carl Wills

Carl has been in the prophetic ministry since 1993. He serves on the core team of the Pioneer network of Churches and as a prophetic advisor to the Together network. Carl’s heart is to see the prophetic encourage individuals, leadership teams and churches.

Allan Cox

Allan facilitates the overseas involvement of New Community Church, Southampton where he also leads the Eastleigh congregation with his wife Lizzie. He also mentors a number of church leaders, and has many years experience in pastoring and counselling.

Steve Harding

Steve is a worship leader at Revelation Church, Chichester as well as being part of the Push Community, a group of worship leaders who want to resource the church by writing and producing new songs and developing individuals working in the music industry. He is married to Carla and can be found with his band ‘Deloreans’ most weekends.

Carla Harding

Carla received her calling in the very first Prayer Room and has been involved in the movement ever since. She works as The GB Director of 24-7 PRayer. Carla lives in Chichester (UK) with her partner in crime Steve and their son Jackson.

Phil Togwell

Phil trained and worked in a wide range of Youth and Community settings before serving as 24-7’s UK Director for seven years. Phil now heads up Prayer Spaces in Schools which has seen almost half a million young people experience prayer at school.

Bill Cahusac

Bill is the Pastor of Emmaus Rd Guildford. He has an incredible prophetic gift. Bill is married to Nici and together they have three sons.

Micah Jazz

Micah’s career has been spent working in the voluntary sector. He has extensive experience of life in various cultures and nations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and North America and has organised a series of international consultation processes.

Becca Jupp

Becca has been the senior leader of Arun Community Church since 2010 when she took over from her father, David Thatcher. She’s married to Tim and has four children.

Ruth Valerio

Ruth lives with her husband and two daughters in Chichester, where she’s part of Revelation Church. Ruth is Global Advocacy and Influencing Director for Tearfund. 

Andy Freeman

Andy is 44 years old and a father to 5 amazing children. Andy was part of the team that pioneered 24-7’s Boiler Room community in Reading (UK). Andy works developing resources and supporting those in pioneering mission in the UK Church. Andy is the author of ‘Punk Monk’.

Laurence Singlehurst

Laurence worked with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) from 1976 to 2003 including 13 years as a National Director.. He is currently Director of Cell UK. His greatest passion is equipping churches to reach their communities, with an emphasis on network evangelism, empowered by cell church values.

Peter Butt

Peter trained in the Assemblies of God Bible College. He is part of the leadership team at New Community Church, Southampton and initiated the School of Ministries leadership training programme. He travels widely training leaders as well as overseeing a number of churches.

Mike Andrea

Mike is leader of Global Generation Church in Ramsgate (UK). Mike started out by pioneering the Pipeline Youth Initiative and has a gift for delivering projects that impact the local community.

Martin & Elizabeth Goldsmith

International speaker, teacher and missiologist, Martin Goldsmith is a Jewish Christian who trained as a Russian interpreter. He and his wife, Elizabeth, spent ten years as missionaries in South East Asia, and were involved with All Nations Christian College.

Dan Slatter

Dan joined Revelation in 1995 as a student, began working for the church soon after and has done ever since -  now serving as the senior leader. Dan is married to Kathryn and they have three children.

Will Moore

Will has lived in Chichester all his life and has been part of Revelation Church since 2003, he now serves as part of the Leaders Team.

Joanna Tarassenko

Joanna Tarrasenko is an Oxford trained theologian and a tutor for Spurgeon's Bible College.  Along with her husband Luke (also an Oxford theologian), she is involved in a number of different ministries and outreach programmes in Oxford, including 'Word on the Street.'  

For more information or to ask any questions, please contact the Vision Course UK team

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