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خدمة الصلاة بلا انقطاع – لبنان

In 2015, a 24-7 Prayer room was opened in Lebanon for students to encounter God. A few years later, after establishing several prayer rooms, a prayer tent was pitched in the heart of Beirut at the revolution. These experiences stirred the hearts of friends who have a deep longing to see the nation transformed by God’s goodness, which led to the establishing of 24-7 Prayer Lebanon in the spring of 2021.

The team

Mahmoud and Christelle lead the 24-7 Prayer team in Lebanon.

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Elam Ministries

24-7 Prayer has been partnering with Elam Ministries for two years, seeking to inspire and equip the prayer lives of Jesus-followers in Iran and the surrounding nations. The partnership is also fuelling the prayers of others all over the world with stories of answered prayer from the region. During this time we’ve seen pop up prayer spaces, round-the-clock prayer in communities and even ‘drive-by’ praying in the region.

The team

The partnership with Iran is facilitated and led by Louise Yeghnazar.

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www.kalameh.com – website equipping Persian-speaking Christians to know God and be disciples of Jesus

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