A World Falling to its Knees?

Brian Heasley

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6 April 2020

A recent study from the University of Copenhagen has found that there has been an amazing global rise in prayer in the last month. Our own webpage views and download rates on our 24-7 Prayer’s international website have also seen incredible growth.

In these times people are, increasingly, turning to prayer. As Bentzen suggests, “The rise in prayer intensity supercedes what the world has seen for years”*

There is a storm afoot in this world; one that is wreaking havoc on all that we hold dear. Governments, institutions, social structures and our very way of life are undergoing a profound challenge.

Nations are closing borders. Businesses are shutting down. Global flights have been grounded; people are staying at home.

And people are dying.

We are living in a world that is changing around us every day. The world is scared and doesn’t know where to turn.

So the world is falling to its knees in prayer.

“this is the time to invite the power of God to intervene…”

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us, regardless of wealth or class or country. Social barriers have been broken down by the reality of a viral disease that doesn’t discriminate, spreading across our globe.

But in the midst of the darkness, a surprising and unexpected unity has arisen. Humanity is united in fear, worry and uncertainty.

Which, as the University of Copenhagen has seen, means the world is newly united in prayer.

And when faced with the reality of this critical and huge situation, a united prayer response is vital. We need to pray with desperation. We need to pray like we have never prayed before.

This is the time to invite the power of God to intervene; an opportunity for us to invite a Holy Kingdom to break in; to transform not just this current situation, but also to transform our hearts to love one another more deeply; to care for our global family in a new and radical way.

We believe that prayer can bring transformation. We believe that when two or more are gathered, Jesus dwells among us (Matthew 18:20). We believe God partners with even our feeble, whispered faithless prayers to bring about his Kingdom.

 This is a crucial time for the world to fall to its knees in prayer.

Hear more about this study and the growth 24-7 Prayer is seeing in this short interview between Brian Heasley and Mark Sayers. 

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Brian Heasley
Brian Heasley

Brian Heasley is the International Prayer Director for 24-7 Prayer, and is part of 24-7’s international management team. Brian also works at at Lambeth Palace as International Ecumenical Lead for Thy Kingdom Come. Before this, Brian and his wife Tracy pioneered the work of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza, Spain, where they developed rhythms of prayer and mission. Brian’s book, Gatecrashing, tells the story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza. He is a gifted and passionate communicator with a real heart for prayer, mission and justice. Brian is originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and now lives in England. Brian and Tracy have two adult sons