How to Encourage Creative Prayer

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24-7 Prayer rooms have helped people all over the world learn to pray by finding new ways to connect and speak with God.

Embrace creativity when thinking about what to put in your 24-7 Prayer room or space – try the following prompts to get started: 

What’s the theme? Perhaps there’s a specific Bible verse, vision or idea that you want to focus on during your time of 24-7 Prayer. Let these shape the activities and style of your space.

Who can help? Encourage any creative or artistic people in your community to come and bring their ideas and inspiration to your 24-7 Prayer room or space.

What will help people to pray? Creative doesn’t mean cluttered-  you don’t have to fill the room with as many things as possible! Think about the practical activities and guides you want to include in the space, and focus on those. Include blank space for drawing, writing and creativity to take place over the week too.

Who will use the space? If you’re expecting families, include child-friendly activities; if it’s going to be a group of students, include a map of campus. Allow your needs to shape the style of the space.

What will engage the senses? Think about what people will see, hear, smell, taste, touch – how can you use all of the senses to help focus prayer and attention on God?

Creative Prayer Stations 

Prayer stations are simply activities that help people to draw closer to God in interactive ways.

Try a few of the following to get started:

Family Tree – Praying for People

Draw a tree onto a big piece of paper – or use a real one if you have space. Invite people to write the names of family and friends who need prayer onto post-it notes or luggage tags, encouraging them to stick or hang these onto the tree as they pray.

Wailing Wall – Prayer Requests

Create space on a big piece of paper for people to write or draw their honest requests to God. You could be creative with a piece of netting or fabric. Watch the space as it fills up over the week.

Trash Can – Sorry Prayers

Put a bin/trash can in the space with some paper and pens beside it. Invite people to pray Psalm 139:

“Search me, God, and know my heart;
 test me and know my anxious thoughts.
 See if there is any offensive way in me,
 and lead me in the way everlasting.”

- Psalm 139:23-24

As people confess their sins to God, encourage them to write their sins down and throw them in the bin as a way of letting go and receiving God’s forgiveness.

Wash it Off – Forgiveness

Place a bowl of water, some soap, and some pens in the prayer room. Invite people to write the names of those people they need to forgive on their hands (ensure the pens are washable!) and as they wash them off, ask Jesus to help them to forgive.

Your Kingdom Come – Praying for the World

Put a map or a globe in the prayer room, and encourage people to pray “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done” over nations in the world. You may also like to place some newspapers beside the map/globe and encourage people to pray for countries and cities they read about in the news.

When you register your 24-7 Prayer room you’ll receive additional creative prayer resources including our 24-7 Prayer Room Manual. Head to the registration page to get started.

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