Become A 24-7 Prayer Champion


Many people can't keep 24-7 Prayer to themselves. They want to help spread the vision, translate resources and help others set up prayer rooms. We call them 24-7 Champions. 

They aren’t always leaders, most are ordinary people who are passionate about prayer and willing to volunteer their time. There can be many in a country or region all encouraging and resourcing prayer together. We appreciate these people and try to recognise, resource, encourage and network them together.

How do I become a Champion?

To be a Champion you need to agree with the mission and values of 24-7 Prayer and further the movement in your region, nation or denomination by catalysing and encouraging 24-7 Prayer Rooms. We ask you to be willing to:

  1. Encourage and resource all Christian streams and denominations (anyone who prays to Jesus Christ, the Son of God) in praying 24-7
  2. Connect them with others praying in their nation or region
  3. Encouraging unity among Churches, genders, ages and cultures
  4. Recognising many models and methods of prayer, encouraging creativity and variety to equip believers with new languages of expression
  5. Challenge people to become the answer to their own prayers particularly in sharing the Gospel and responding to the needs of others

There is no fixed time or financial commitment that we ask of a Prayer Champion. We simply ask that you:

  1. Live by example in both your personal prayer life and regularly running 24-7 Prayer Rooms
  2. Be willing to assist the 24-7 team in contacting and encouraging people organising prayer rooms
  3. Help organise the translation of resources where appropriate
  4. Stay in regular contact with a member of the International Prayer Room support team
  5. Send the International Prayer Team regular testimonies from the prayer rooms you’re encouraging

A 24-7 Champion is a volunteer, an activist and a pray-er!  To be a Champion does not mean that you are automatically a national or regional 24-7 Prayer leader.

If you're interested in knowing more or joining our Champions then email us.