24-7 Communities

24-7 Prayer Communities are collectively known as the Boiler Room Network: a growing, international family of Churches and Houses of Prayer, outworking values of prayer, mission and justice, locally and globally.

The Boiler Room Network is supported by a global leadership team, with regional and national teams that develop and support leaders.

We’re committed to building all communities on biblical foundations, remembering that the church was born in a place of prayer where the Holy Spirit came in power. Mission was mobilised from that encounter to the ends of the earth.

All Boiler Room communities are shaped by six biblical practices: 







Churches and Houses of Prayer

1. BOILER ROOM NETWORK CHURCHES: Many communities are rooted in the non-denominational Free Church tradition. The Boiler Room Network is their primary place of belonging, accountability and support. 

2. HOUSES OF PRAYER: An increasing number of communities are rooted in Catholic, Anglican and other denominational contexts. Their members belong to local churches and find primary accountability there.. The Boiler Room Network is a place for support, inspiration and belonging.



Why "Boiler Room" Communities?

Boiler Room Community Values
The Boiler Room Network Team
Joining the Boiler Room Network
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