UK: Global Generation

Worship // Community // Generosity 

UK: HTB Prayer Community

Passionately contending in prayer and action for the evangelisation of the nation, revitalisation of the Church and transformation of society.  

UK: Kahaila

Kahaila is a mix of two Hebrew words, which mean life and community. Our vision is to create innovate ways of doing church. 

UK: Proximity Church

A growing family sent to the nations carrying stories of God encounter 

UK: Revelation Family church

A church with a global vision, rooted in a city. We are resolved to play our part in seeing the Church of Jesus Christ thrive. Our vision is to God’s Love: Reaching everywhere, transforming everyone, changing everything. 

UK: The Seed Community

A home for the global network of 24-7 Communities and a local House of Prayer, Mission and Justice. 

USA: 24-7 Charlotte

A 24-7 community centred around friendships & spiritual formation at the outpost that is the 24-7 Prayer Room in Charlotte, NC.  

USA: Believers Church

A family of servant ambassadors on mission with Jesus as our vision. 

USA: Coram Deo

Creating spaces for people to learn God's vision for Church in Denver. We help facilitate a number of community rhythms and spaces to help cultivate holistic discipleship. 

USA: Navah Church

Navah means ‘bring home, make beautiful.’ That is what Jesus has done for us and what we long to share with the world.  

USA: Troy Gardens Missional Family

Being good soil where the abundant, eternal life of Jesus is planted, grows, bears fruit and multiplies in our hearts, homes, neighborhoods and beyond.  

USA: Grove House Church Network

A simple church following Christ as the Head, devoted to prayer, fellowship, breaking of bread, and the apostle’s teaching.  
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24-7 Communities