UK: HTB Prayer Community

We are a community humbly committed to passionately pursue the Father - convinced that He first lovingly pursues us; to boldly intercede with the Son - in prayer and action for His Kingdom Come; to obediently walk in the Spirit - cheering each other on in the wild way of the Gospel.

We have a shared rule and rhythms that help us to live out our vision (Evangelisation of the Nation, Revitalisation of the Church and Transformation of Society) as well as keeping the fire of prayer continually burning in the 24-7 Prayer Room year in and out.


Our Story

The HTB Prayer Community has been maintaining continual prayer in the HTB 24-7 Prayer Room since January 2013.

It was launched by the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, with Nicky Gumbel, Pastor Agu Irukwu of Jesus House and Pete Greig.

24-7 Prayer lies right at the heart of HTB, one of the largest Anglican churches in the UK, and the home of Alpha, a ten week course which has introduced 24 million people to the Christian faith.

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