Hong Kong: 24-7 Prayer Hong Kong

We welcome people from across Hong Kong and around the world to pray for our vibrant city through our virtual prayer room.

We desire to be united in prayer with the body of Christ across Hong Kong to show the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. Together, we want to be a light of hope for this city.

We lift up our leaders from all spheres of society, and workers, families, companies, schools, NGOs, charities and government and that they may be sustained during challenging times.

We pray for the poor in spirit, the needy and homeless, and those without a voice, that through prayer, love and practical assistance all might experience God’s healing, reconciliation and transformation in their lives and the life of the community.


Our Story

We're a 24-7 community with origins in Union Church Hong Kong, one of the first churches founded in the city in 1844.

We are a people with a passion for prayer and its transformative power. Established in 2020, our 24-7 community complements all praying churches, organisations and people throughout Hong Kong who are building the Kingdom of God.

Our 24-7 community links praying people through our virtual prayer room during this season of the pandemic and social distancing. We look forward to one day opening the doors of a physical 24-7 prayer room.

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