24-7 Catalysts

24-7 Prayer Catalysts are regular givers who enable us to equip and inspire communities and individuals to go deeper in prayer, mission and justice.

About 24-7 Catalysts

As a 24-7 Prayer Catalyst your money will help to spark prayer all over the world, leading to a long-lasting and transformative difference in the lives of Christians globally.

As well as giving financially, as a 24-7 Prayer Catalyst you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Stand with us in prayer with the latest stories and prayer requests via email and letter
  • Receive exclusive access to resources and videos
  • Be a pioneer of prayer, mission and justice, with support and guidance on how to champion 24-7 Prayer where you are

Catalyse prayer, mission and justice and spark the potential of prayer all over the world.

How to become a 24-7 Catalyst

Simply start giving monthly through our donation form, and you’ll become a 24-7 Prayer Catalyst! We’ll send you an email to confirm the start of your monthly giving.