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What is prayer?

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Lectio for Families

Lectio for Families is a free devotional app that helps families to read the Bible and explore faith through conversation and prayer together.

Welcome to Lectio for Families

Lectio for Families is a free app for families to do together. It features daily Bible readings, a weekly memory verse, engaging questions to pause and talk about, and prompts for reflection and prayer.

The app can be downloaded by parents and carers onto a mobile device. Families can then choose to either listen to the audio content together, wherever and whenever they are together, or they can read it as they pass the device to each other.


Daily Prayers

Like Lectio 365, Lectio for Families follows a simple P.R.A.Y. pattern each day:

P:ausing to be still

R:ejoicing with, and Reflecting on, verses from the Bible

A:sking for God’s help

Y: saying YES to God’s ways.

On Sundays there is a special Sabbath prayer, and occasional pauses of the regular pattern to celebrate heroes of the Christian faith.

Who is it for?

The Lectio for Families app has been designed for families with children aged between 7-11 years old, but is likely to be suitable for those who are younger and slightly older too!

The Lectio for Families team includes adults and children who are part of the 24-7 Prayer movement around the world.

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Use and promote Lectio for Families in your church

We would love to make Lectio for Families easy to share in your church community, and we’ve created a church promo pack to help you. Inside you’ll find the promo video, slides to use in church, graphics for emails and social media, as well as ways to talk about the app in your church services.

Download: Church Pack (26MB)

You can also use our daily Bible readings and weekly memory verses to plan your children’s work, either for Sunday mornings children’s groups, or anywhere else you work with children. Let parents and carers know that they can follow these readings and memory verses in the app with their children.

Please note that some of the verses or readings may change up until each day’s devotional in the app.

Download: July 2023

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Matt F

Lectio for Families user

Just tried this with my daughter after dinner, she was captivated. Thank you 24-7 Prayer – looking forward to using it everyday 🙌


Lectio for Families app user

Lectio for Families gives us a regular spiritual input and help to bring a calming atmosphere before bedtime. And I love that the last words they hear each day are Bible verses and prayers


Lectio for Families app user

Lectio for Families helps us connect as a family and include God in our busy every day lives.


Lectio for Families app user

I have had awesome theological and deep conversations with my 9 yr old every day so far!