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Forgive me Lord
Lord I found money and I did not return it to the owner. We needed money for us to survive. I know it was wrong but I just can't help the temptation. Forgive me Lord and please help me to control myself and not to do bad things. In Jesus name, Amen.
[22 Sep 14]

Lord I sometimes lose hope because it seems that nothing comes my way. I feel like I am so hopeless that I am gonna be stuck where I am now. Lord give me strength to go on every obstacles that I need to face to survive. Please Lord give me the courage and strength to wait for my favors from you. Make me stronger not to be tempted on material things and for doing things that you will not be pleased. I need a better job Lord for me to save money to see my
amvk, [22 Sep 14]

Give me strength
Dear God I need ur help this week to give me strength and be by my side this week I hope I get good news at work . Pray for me
CA [22 Sep 14]

Pray for my job and financial problem
Dear Jeuse Help me with my job and give me strength and my financial problems .
CA [22 Sep 14]

Pray for my job and financial problem
Dear Jeuse Help me with my job and give me strength and my financial problems .
CA [22 Sep 14]

a solurion
My friends mom is getting frail and needs to go to a retirement home. My friend can't afford to pay this, and is a full time working mom and primary bread winner in her home. Her sister is wealthy but expects them to pay equally for mothers care. Please pray for soluion and that her sisters heart is softened to provide for their mother.
[22 Sep 14]

finances and health
Please pray that I will find work and be able to survive financially and continue to ttake care of my dad. Please pray for healing for my back. Please pray that I will keep trusting God and praising Him through the difficult time.
charmaine , [22 Sep 14]

Please pray I can breathe continuously while sleeping tonight. Been battling sleep apnea for about 3 wks, gotten worse lately, got some sleep last night. Need this to end, had it for years off & on, had been gone for 2-3 yrs until, gone through incredibly difficult time last 6 mo. Single grandma raising grandkids, God has granted me long life to raise 2 girls, need health restored physically, emotionally, all legal ground of devil to afflict eradicated & help, so tired & in terrible pain
godsgirl, [22 Sep 14]

Job prayer
Please pray that God helps me to get a permanent job in Compliance somehow. Please pray for God's provision soon.
[21 Sep 14]

Relationship issues
Having major breakdown in my marriage my wife doesn't like being in the same room as me and won't share a bed. It's been a month now like this and she hardly speaks to me any more. Feel so alone and broken from all the rejection. Please pray for the gifts of the spirit to be in our marriage and that the devil would not win.
CK, [21 Sep 14]

health and encouragement
my health. I'm really run down and need to lose weight and don't know how to get healthy. Please could you pray for energy and motivation, for help with my diet, that I will get fit and healthy and have the energy to be focused on what I put into my body. Please pray God will bless me with good health and no more depression, but joy and radiance. For restoration of my run down body, please I cry out for change and heI need a miracle in
[21 Sep 14]

No more depression or mourning
Im struggling with severe tiredness and depression please could you pray my health will be restored and hope and joy even will fill me. I feel I have nothing to live for, I'm desperate. I'm only a 26 year old girl but have suffered so so much and can't carry on. I've been through so much I cry out for change for blessing opportunities friends and new things to come into my life
[21 Sep 14]

financial prosperity
I am a divorced mom of three. God granted me the blessing of a wonderful job in sales, but inspite of all efforts i havent been selling and I ask God to please help me sell and keep my job. God bless you, I am so tired. I called my boss crying and now i feel ashamed about it.
GT [21 Sep 14]

Heavenly Father, I know I have made a lot of bad decisions and that I don’t deserve Your grace, but You give it to me despite my faults, and I thank You for being faithful to me even when I’m not to You. Please forgive me. I made a bad choice and hurt someone I truly love. I know if anyone can mend this broken relationship, it is You. I ask that You help Amar to forgive me and if it is Your will for us to be together that You remove every obstacle that stands in the way. In
[21 Sep 14]

Prayer for Ezra
Please pray for Ezra,, diagnosed with Pancreas and Liver cancer. Surgery on Monday Sept 22 at 10am.
US [21 Sep 14]

my friend needs Jesus
Please pray for my friend who needs Jesus to help her in every way. God's mercy and peace and forgiveness into her life
[21 Sep 14]

no more depression
As soon as I get into my bed, I start to sink and feel very low, depressed even, Please pray for God to make it a place of good dreams and safety and rest, that I wont get spiritually attacked any more, that I will no longer struggle here with depression, that I will be at ease and relaxed and feel peace, hope for the future and no more depression, Please can you pray for massively increased mercy and grace.
[21 Sep 14]

the right words
lord if ever I am being hurt or spoken down too help me to speak up for myself with the right words not the wrong ones
[21 Sep 14]

better job
for a better job with better pay and nicer people , lord please deliver me from harms way
[21 Sep 14]

for a financial prayer to be answered
[21 Sep 14]

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