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Pls pray for my friend he said he has slight pneumonia. Chills fever ect . Pray that he gets better fast. Miracles for a fast recovery for him.
US [23 Oct 14]

Id like my child's 1st grade teacher to change her grades, principal to support this, they 2 to come up with plan to prevent problem in future & not blame me bc of my being upset. My 6 yr old granddaughter im raising got 3 Fs on her first quarter report card in 1st grade as did most of class, teacher says she wishes she hadn't given the Fs, Teacher seems like she has way too high expectations of 6 yr olds. Ive had to complain several times to even get them to discuss this. Don't want this to
godsgirl, [23 Oct 14]

Please could you pray for protection and peace over me. I feel oppressed. Please pray for increased grace and mercy over me and protection from attack of the evil around me. Please bless me and my family with peace and protection
[23 Oct 14]

Lord Jesus thank You for loving us, hearing our prayers, and promising to always make a way. Please make us to feel Your presence and peace, making all things right for everybody. Please keep me always in childlike hope in You. Amen.
[23 Oct 14]

Urgent prayer request from Sean in CA
10/23/14 Urgent prayer request from Sean in CA. Please pray for me. Yesterday I got a sudden severe pain in my right side under my ribs. I am in pain and very worried. I have an urgent appointment with my doctor at today. I am in distress. Please pray to the Lord for physical healing and pain relief for me as well as His strength and comfort and a correct diagnosis from my doctor without any unnecessary tests because I feel weak and anxious. Thank you.
Sean C, [23 Oct 14]

Christ before EVELYN THREADGILL, Christ behind EVELYN THREADGILL, Christ in EVELYN THREADGILL, Christ beneath EVELYN THREADGILL, Christ above EVELYN THREADGILL, Christ on EVELYN THREADGILL right, Christ on EVELYN THREADGILL left, Christ when she lies down, Christ when she sits down Christ when she arises, Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of EVELYN THREADGILL, Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of EVELYN THREADGILL, Christ in every eye that sees EVELYN THREADGILL, and Christ in every ear that hears EVELYN THREADGILL
Jesus reigns, [23 Oct 14]

Thank you God for the kindness of my husband for my birthday. Praise be to God.
[23 Oct 14]

I know this sounds selfish, but please can we be part of the winnings of the lottery. I am not asking for 1st prize but even 3rd or 4th just enough to help us pay off our loan and sort out some financial worries we have. Forgive me for sounding selfish, we promise if we win we will also donate to charity and help a friend single mother who needs the money too.
[23 Oct 14]

relational miracle
I have really like a person for a the last 3 years. He liked me too, but I shared my heart in writing and he misunderstood.Please pray for breakthrough for us now. I need to know if he still has feelings and if its ever going to happen. Its driving me crazy. Please pray God would help me! and make things clear for me, and help me meet a great guy. if its him and he could like me again,then please pray he will go out of his way to let me know
[23 Oct 14]

Our shop
Firstly thank you Lord for opening doors for us to open our shop. We work hard and we thank you for the opportunities. The country is in a crisis and we are affected by the bills and also customers are trying to negotiate our prices. Please have your hand on the matter, may our shop stay open and customers continue to come our way. Please guide us to find at least one good contract with a guarantee income every month. Please have favour on our shop, it is our bread and butter.
[23 Oct 14]

My sisters destiny
My sister is 45 and still dating. Time is not on her side, she wants to get married and have children. Please have favour on her relationship that they may get married and settle down so she can start her life.
[23 Oct 14]

Thank you for part time work
Thank you Lord for blessing me with this part time job. I needed it so much and it helps pay the family groceries and petrol. Please guide me to be good at my job that they will continue to want me to work for them. Please may I do well in my job and may I excel that they dont look for someone else.
[23 Oct 14]

Please could you pray for protection and peace over me. I feel oppressed. Please pray for increased grace and mercy over me and protection from attack of the evil around me. Please bless me and my family with peace and protection
[23 Oct 14]

Not sleeping well
Please may I have restful sleep and sleep through the night. I am so tired and am getting headaches. Please have mercy on me.
[23 Oct 14]

My sons mole
Please may my sons mole not be a health problem. Please may it not be cancerous. Please heal him if something is wrong, have mercy on him.
136, [23 Oct 14]

Granddaughter will diligent in practicing her music.
[23 Oct 14]

financial miracles
Please could you pray Jesus will financially bless me. My housemate is being a shark and trying to over charge me. Please pray his heart will be convicted. That God would work for me, protect my reputation and was him up. That he won't be so selfish. That God would soften his heart and deliver him for the demons that cloud his vision. Please Lord I cry our work for me in this awful situation and do wonders for me. Please provide above and beyond what I would expect God. I need your financial provision
[23 Oct 14]

Prayer for Angelie
Please pray for me that the pain on my left foot will go away.
[23 Oct 14]

Please pray for a guy after surgery had to go back to emergency. Can't breath.
[23 Oct 14]

Praying for gay, lesbian relationship. God will help them live in His way.
[23 Oct 14]

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