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I want promotion
I am waiting for promotion in my office, but my two colleagues got promotion. I am very much depressed and sad. Please pray for me to get promotion within week. I will visit church once in a week to pray Jesus as I am not Christian but very much believe in GOD JESUS. Please pray me, your pray give power to get promotion. Amen
Vijay, IN [29 Sep 14]

Please pray for some relief for our family from the constant attack. Im a single grandmother raising my 2 granddaughters. Don't understand why Lord lets people pretend to be "Christians" & harm us. Now need childcare restored, need refrigerator, landlord to repair many things, daughter Bethany to help financially consistently, I'm raising her child. Been so upset since recent diagnosis & latest betrayals. Maybe God would turn it for good. Need new perspective, will to go on, thank you for your prayers, they do help...
godsgirl, [29 Sep 14]

Lord, ive placed in my apartment application. please let everything go through and everything be fine for me and my kids. Give me strength the next 6 weeks to get what I need for my kids and I pray that you help their father get it together because these kids need a father in jesus name amen
[29 Sep 14]

THANK YOU FOR THE MERCY: Holy Mother of Son of God, I pray to You for Your help in my hour of need. Holy Mother, please help me deliver my request to the Lord Jesus Christ (make request) and send the Holy Spirit to help me make this wish or miracle to become a reality. Forgive my sins and allow me to walk proudly as God’s servant. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and teacher to guide me towards the path of the righteous way of life. Thank You and praise the Lord God. Amen. Say prayer for 3
[29 Sep 14]

Miracle home
Please pray with me for a new home, so that I can buy the home I am hoping for. Please pray with me for finding a new home where I can begin a new life after a period of illnesses, betrayal and divorce. May I find peace with my new life and see the new beginnings when they occur. Amen.
HU [29 Sep 14]

Dear Merciful Father.Almighty kindly anoint our son to lead blessed married life with hope,joy&peace.grace upon his appointment +approved job mail this week by your kindness+goodness.You never disappoint me in my life,with God all things are it now for our son.Thanks for 28th v function.Glory honor for God .
[29 Sep 14]

finances and education
am a young energertic guy from Ghana, i would like you to pray for me,telling God to help in my finances, its being a while we have been looking upon our God and we know he is the only one to open all doors. may He make a way interms of finances and also make a way for me in my eduation, so i can continue my education. amen. thank you and may God richly bless us all.
david, GH [29 Sep 14]

i pray for a house, a car, for a job that brings in better income, i pray for the success of my son in his final primary school exams from 7-16 october 2014 and his form one place at marist brothers. please help me.
[29 Sep 14]

favour and a new job
Please could you pray God will protect me today and surround Mr with favour. That I will be respected trusted and my value will be evident. That God will help me get the best feedback from the clients I'm working with and that my professional ability will be valued and recognised. That my relationships particularly with my agents will be protected and they will continue to believe in me and put me forward for great roles now
[29 Sep 14]

A Miracle
Please pray with me that GOD will answer speedly today for food in our house, we are having some very tough times right now, I trust that He will work things out, Amen! Thank You Prayer Friends!
[29 Sep 14]

health and encouragement
I need a miracle in my health. I'm really run down and don't know how to get healthy. Please could you pray for energy and motivation, for help with my diet, that I will get fit and healthy and have the energy to be focused on what I put into my body. Please pray God will bless me with good health and no more depression, but joy and radiance. For restoration of my run down body, for no permanent scarring and for a healthy very fit body. please I cry out for change and help
[29 Sep 14]

joy and hope for the future
I feel depressed and heavy please pray I will be protected and feel joy and peace. Had enough of being depressed, please pray all heaviness and fear and sadness will go, that I will have no more anxiety and feel good about life, hope for the future, joy and good things will start happening for me. No more mourning or sadness but joy and peace 
[29 Sep 14]

encouragement and joy
I'm feeling pretty discouraged today. I've been rejected and feel low, feel very tired and could do with some encouragement. Please pray Gid will bless this day, work with my employment agents and give me mighty favour. That he will open a door for me now for work and somewhere I will be happy and thrive
[29 Sep 14]

praying for a drop of luck
Please pray for me. After a long period of tough times I am hoping to find and buy a new home for myself. Please pray for a miracle with a certain house that I wish to buy and now it seems almost impossible... Please pray for me so that I can accept the outcome, whatever it may be. Amen.
NL [29 Sep 14]

[29 Sep 14]

Dear lord, I pray that you will pour your wisdom upon me, so I can stay focused and energetic throughout the day. I pray that I will stay hopeful and happy, despite the depression tried to put me down. Lord, please help to persevere on filling in the application forms, and also pour your wisdom so I know how to present myself in its best form. In the name of Jesus, Amen
YC, [29 Sep 14]

joy and hope for the future
I feel depressed and heavy please pray I will be protected and feel joy and peace. Had enough of being depressed, please pray all heaviness and fear and sadness will go, that I will have no more anxiety and feel good about life, hope for the future, joy and good things will start happening for me. No more mourning or sadness but joy and peace
[29 Sep 14]

Please pray that i can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with weight loss and enjoyable exersize. Pray that i reach my goal weight again and be able to maintain it for the rest of my life
[29 Sep 14]

soften his heart
Please pray God will soften Marks heart towards me and help him see the best in me. Please pray let his pride and arrogance back down now in Jesus name. And I pray no demonic assignment against me or lie or word against me will prosper in Jesus name. Lord protect my reputation and let me not be put to shame
[29 Sep 14]

Relationship restoration
Please could you pray for a miracle in a friendship with G. That she will desire me in her life again, want to be friends again, see my value and how I can be in her life. That I will have incredible favour with her and her daughter. For peace and breakthrough and favour. That she will meet up and accept me into her life again. Lord I pray for this friendship Please I pray Lord you will make a way where there feels to be no way and give me the favour that I need
[29 Sep 14]

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