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Whatever, [20 Oct 14]

Praying that the Lord will give wisdom and regarding inmates.
[20 Oct 14]

need prayer
Please pray for my sister eryn would never go back to this mental facility ever again its a real danger to me and my family AND HAVE NO CONTACT ALL WITH THEM
Paul V, [20 Oct 14]

Please let us have peace in this house. Thank You.
[20 Oct 14]

Prayer for Stephen Booker
Please pray for my estranged husband, Stephen to finally realize he has a drug problem. Please pray that his denial is over and that he decides once and for all that he needs professional help to stay off and away from the drugs. Thank you so much for your prayers.
Dianna Booker, [20 Oct 14]

need my Heaven Father help
The second prayer request I am asking my heaven father to open my mind up so I can understand what the teacher is talking about in these classes. It is so much information the teacher is put out at one time it is hard to understand all this information at once time. I am asking my heaven father help me understand this information and attain it for all three classes, the company wants me to take. After I leave this school be able to apply to my job that he gives to me. Let me ask questions that will help
Syl, [20 Oct 14]

Prayer for ill friend
Please pray for our friend who is in the hospital and cannot eat. He may require surgery and we are very concerned. Please pray for his welfare and for God to touch his heart during this time and give him peace despite the hardships he is in.
[20 Oct 14]

need God Help
I want to thank my heaven father for all the blessing in my life that he has store on me! The second things I like to thank my heaven for forgiving me all of my sins. Showing his mercy and kindness, toward me every second and day. I also would like to thank my heaven father for been my heaven father and Lord making a way when I could not see my way. The next things I want to thank my lord for been so good to me. I cannot give him enough praise for what he has done for
syl, [20 Oct 14]

prayer for a relationship turnaround
I ask that you all pray for me and my boyfriend. He isn't speaking to me and he's been ignoring me for about a week now. I have done nothing wrong. I really miss him and I want to speak to him soon, but I don't want to push him away by doing so. I ask that you all pray for us to be closer again, to have a better relationship and to talk to each other again.
Brittany, [20 Oct 14]

Please pray for Thomas A Guilday. In The Name of Jesus heal his body from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. By your stripes Thomas is healed.Amen
[20 Oct 14]

Please pray for my father, he needs healing. He will have an operation tomorrow. So please lift him up in prayer, In Jesus Name
O, US [20 Oct 14]

Job Favor
Prayer Warriors pray for me (Wendy Willis) In The Name of Jesus I will do an outstanding job teaching and my students will be wonderful on Monday when DOE comes to observe and Thursday when the District officials and Principals come to observe. Amen
[20 Oct 14]

Please pray for me, I am sick mentally and physically, I doubt scientists will ever find a cure, I am tired of living day to day with this pain..I have prayed to God and nothing ever changes..
[20 Oct 14]

health and encouragement
Please could you pray God will heal my complexion and body. I'm only 26 and single. Please pray all my scars will go away and the marks and imperfections all on my face will now go and heal and not scar. That the damage will not be permanent, that my body will be restored and healed and I will walk in divine health and safety and all will go well for me job after such struggle 
[19 Oct 14]

peace and breakthroughs
Please could you pray protection over my mind, I feel sad and tired, depressed. Please pray all depression will end & I will see hope for the future, be expectant in a healthy way, see breakthrough in my life, find an amazing partner, a great job and no longer drown when Im at this house. I'm living in a place that I feel very unhappy in and I don't know what to do about it. I also am in love with a man and don't know if he likes me anymore or when I will see him again
[19 Oct 14]

Help a couple to remember "As much as they do it unto each other, they do it to Jesus. Help them to apologize and deal with disappointments in a Godly way.
[19 Oct 14]

Please pray a couple will be able to forgive, and love and be kind, and serve others.
[19 Oct 14]

When the enemy comes in like a flood, we will raise a standard against him. Praise The Lord He gives the victory.
[19 Oct 14]

For family unityal
[19 Oct 14]

Please pray for dad's healing. For harmony in son and wife as they do their business.
[19 Oct 14]

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