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Dear God....please forgive of all my iniquities. Let me be a brand new man from today and deliver me from any demonic charms on my life. Help me to walk in your righteousness from today. break any demonic yoke upon my life and set me free from all demonic entanglement. l invite your son Jesus Christ back into my heart and your Holy Spirit to be ruler over my life. Thank you for answering my prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Father God, l also request that please deliver my son, Papa Kwame Amoako from any demonic spell.
Tony, GH [25 Apr 14]

help god help
People trying to make me move spreading lies on me i need a bteak through in every area in my l life54
US [25 Apr 14]

Last daughter
I'm depressed and I need hope and God to speak to me. I need him like I need the air i breathe. Oh God, please just care! Please just tell me of your love and show me your existence again! Because I'm so so afraid, oh God. In your name I pray for deliverance of fear and evil spirits. Amen.
[25 Apr 14]

pray for me
I ask that you pray for me that God will give me knowledge, wisdom and understanding . Today, I lost my nephew David.. It is hard for me to comprehend the, "Y "? Most of the time that I have prayed, God answered! I pray that God will speak to my heart and reveal to me the answer! Pray for me and David's family. Thank you, in Jesus name..pray that God ail intervene on the trip Leanne wants to make just to see some guy she just met, in Jesus name amen.35233898
[25 Apr 14]

please pray
please pray for my great deliverance healing and cure from depressive psychosis and from nervous anxiety, thanks
[25 Apr 14]

protection and peace
Please could I ask you to pray that I will be protected today. I struggle and am tired. Starting a new temp job today, after a long season of struggle. Please pray I will be protected by a shell of favour, that angels will be with me all day and I will be able to do the work and do really well and impress them. That if it's the place for me, that I will get the job.please pray for deep peace, no anxiety and spiritual protection
[25 Apr 14]

prayer for business growth
lord please pray for my business growth.i m a doctor by profession and have started clinical practise.i want to have many new n old patients to visit my clinic everyday and for improving sales.thank you
IN [25 Apr 14]

Heavenly Lord JESUS please bless Sushumna and deliver her from all types of sickness, stress, strain, problems, difficulties, sins, evil.Heavenly Lord JESUS please bless her education to continue irrespective of any problems and deliver her from break in her continues education. Heavenly Lord JESUS please grant her a worry free and sad free life. Heavenly Lord JESUS please protect her heart and heal her heart and comfort her, save her in all her journeys. Heavenly Lord JESUS bless her and her family a very long and happy lives.Heavenly Lord JESUS please deliver Sushumna from all types of financial cirsis.Thankyou Lord
[25 Apr 14]

relational prayer
could you pray for a relationship, me and a person liked each other for a few years, I shared my heart incorrectly and he misunderstood what I was saying. Please could you pray God would heal and correct his perceptions that he would see the best in me again and desire to get to know me again. Please pray he will not be manipulated by others words and opinions but go back to the start of his own feelings. Set him free to follow his heart. Please pray our friendship will be healed and grown and he would speak to
[25 Apr 14]

peace and favour
Please could you pray I will have supernatural peace in my heart. I'm working in a new place temporarily. Please pray I will amaze them and have such incredible favour that we would give astounding feedback. Also that I will get a permanent job offer, I need stability where there's always such struggle, please pray for open doors and incredible feedback and favour
[25 Apr 14]

Pressure at work
Dear Heavenly Father Please intervene in my current situation at work and help me to be strong I pray that everything will come together and that pressure will ease over the coming days as I love my job and don't want anything to prevent me from working there I know through you all things are possible Amen
Elizabeth, [25 Apr 14]

Sadness of a broken girl
light. It feels like I can never get out. But then I wouldn't do it because I don't want to be even more ashamed of myself than I already am. Nevertheless, it makes me frightened to think that I start to get to the point where I would cut just to feel better with the pain. And it's all because I'm so afraid that God won't even exist and if he did, that he can't possibly love us. It's so hard to explain... :( Jesus, please answer my cry! Send me an angel by my side to care. Amen.
[25 Apr 14]

Sadness of a broken girl
I've been really sad the last days. It's just that whatever I do, I'd feel tired and even if I just do normal things like eating or sitting with my family or washing my hands, I could just start to cry. So it became so hard for me to spent time with everyone else because I know that nobody understands the way I feel. They would just think I'm in bad mood, but deep inside I'm dying and nobody realizes. Yesterday I almost cut. I just had no feelings anymore. I'm in such a darkness where there is no
[25 Apr 14]

God, please help me with the one beautiful angel that I love more than anything else. Every day is a struggle when I don't get to be with her, and I need you to keep me strong because I know she is worth it. Help me to open up to her as soon as possible so that I don't have to hide any feelings from her. I love her with all of my every being and thank you for her blessing in this world. Please never leave her side.
Tim, US [25 Apr 14]

Please pray for me my name is. Annette pray that I do not have to work1to 9 shift Ayn more pray I only work 5 am to 1 pm only every Sun off respect on job favor pray kd get a good Night sleep every Night he stop cryun for no reasonjni
US [25 Apr 14]

I have allowed myself to to feel jealousy and anger towards others. Teach me and guide me to feel gratitude instead of jealousy and anger. Give me the energy to do what I need. Help me to show unconditional whole hearted love to my family. Help me to forgive and shine your light through me into them. I want and need your joy and presence in my life. Help me remove the darkness! Lord I thank you for all the good and blessings you have brought into my life. Allow me to focus in them and let you live
[25 Apr 14]

Heal all with power of you
amen, [25 Apr 14]

me and husband
Let me love him with your best love in me and his best love in him perfectly
amen, [25 Apr 14]

Family Togetherness
Please pray for my family and I. Thru all our struggles we are facing emotional, sickness and finances. God Bless our daily needs wash the devil outof our lives.
Jan, [25 Apr 14]

Pray for mother
I ask prayer for my mom, she's going through a time of great depression because of past traumas in the soul.
[25 Apr 14]

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