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Fathers family
I am praying to be free from my father's family controlling me socially and relationally. They think they have to live their life through me and who ever I choose to socialize with and chose to be in relationship with. I am praying that stop in Jesus name.
[23 May 15]

Break powers
In the Name of Jesus we ask you to break the powers of the enemy in J's life. By the blood if Jesus please deliver him from the enemy's clutches. Help him to get back to God. Thanks
[23 May 15]

Pray for job
I am trusting God for an administration job and financial breakthrough.May His will be done in my life
Bela, KE [23 May 15]

Please Help
Please Lord God I pray for a real miracle. I am off balance, desperate, need financial miracle, please please sweet Jesus, lord God in heaven. You know my situation, please send a miracle soon. I pray, I trust, I believe PLEASE HELP
kathy, [23 May 15]

No more depression or attack
Im struggling with depression, I can barely get out of bed. I don't feel much motivation. My circumstances havehelp I'm struggling become hard and I'm struggling. Please could you pray I will be motivated again, that my life will become inspiring and fun again, it's a drag, I hate my job, haven't had a relationship for 5 years and am tired and weary
[23 May 15]

I wanna suicide
I am going through a lot of pain with my life. There are too many things. I cannot do it. I want god to direct me. I want god to speak to me specifically what to do. I want god to show me what to do. I don't understand. Its too pain to bear. I am at the brim of my neck. I cannot make it anymore. Pls help me pray. I dont know what to do. Help me God. I am going through a lot of persecution because I am the only Christian in my house. I am being
MY [23 May 15]

prayer for a boyfriend
I feel discouraged. I have loved the same man for years. I need to know if he likes me any more. I'm desperate my heart feels like breaking. I've been through so much. I'm utterly weary & fed up. we used to like each other and then it went wrong as I expressed myself completely wrongly. I don't know if there could ever be something between us, I just want to be loved, to have a relationship. we liked each other, but I don't know if he still likes me, please could you pray. I'm starting to lose hope
[23 May 15]

Joy and hope for the future
I'm feeling very defeated. I haven't got a job atm and it's effecting me badly. I feel weary and tired and struggling. I don't know how to progress in my life and feel I'm just walking get around in circles again and again, going no where, achieving jotting, becoming unhealthy. I don't know how to change and see change. I desperately need change and hope and for the depression to cease. I need change in my circumstances and I don't know how to get it please could you pray I will find the change I so desperately need
[23 May 15]

No more depression
I have been struggling with anxiety and depression. Please could you pray some how, it will stop. Please could you pray for protection around me, particularly while I'm staying with my parents. Please pray we will be peaceful. That God will be with us, and help us all. Please fill the house with angels and protect us and surround us with peace and joy and love and happiness. Please pray I will be spiritually protected and no longer struggle with anxiety and stress
[23 May 15]

for govt job
I complete my studies 10 years back I attend many compitetive exams but I have no job. Recently I attend competative not announce result so please pray for me.
pavan kumar, IN [23 May 15]

prayers now
Please pray for this debilitating anxiety and depression and other ailments. Right now I feel so alone and need prayers. In Jesus name. Amen
[23 May 15]

Urgent Healing
Dear Pastor and Prayer warriors, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Thank you for your prayers regarding my friend Bhaskar. Doctors suspected him to have bone marrow cancer. By God's grace and your continuous prayer support the report are normal. Praise the Lord. But his high iron levels (70 points) in blood are still a cause of concern. Doctors say that if the iron levels rise to 75 points he could become seriously ill. Please continue to uphold Bhaskar in your prayers. Please pray for his complete healing. Please pray for a miracle in his health and life. Regards.
Ana, [23 May 15]

financial Blessing
Please Lord, you know my circumstances. I am praying that you will bless me far greater than anything i could imagine.
[23 May 15]

Healing of drug abuse
Please Lord, heal my son and my daughter from the affliction of drug abuse. Let them both gain responsibility and be honest with themselves and others. Give them happiness, success,peace, health of body ,mind,and spirit. Let them live the rest of their days without being bound by drugs and alcohol . please put all the right people in all of my children's lives.
[23 May 15]

Healing and a prayer of coveringg
Please pray for my 23 year old son to be healed of a mental disorder with personality disorder. let him have no anger,violence, abusive actions or words. Let him not be belittling, but lift others up. Let no evil come from his tongue. Give him peace, happiness, respect for his girlfriend and others. Let him be loyal, happy, successful, and healthy.
[23 May 15]

I am afraid
Please pray that I am able to proceed in this divorce with calmness and peace. That I trust in God to watch over me and that my future will be secure and joyous. Please pray that my soon-to-be ex doesn't want or try to destroy me. Thank you.
Pamela , [23 May 15]

Please pray for my health, pray the Lord removes all ailments and illnesses, pray the Lord build a protective barrier of health and wellness all around me. Please pray that I become free from all unhealthy habits that hinder my healing process. Please pray that the Lord has mercy on my soul and heals me permanently within my body, soul and atmosphere. Pray that all stressors and atmospheres that cause me harm may be removed and blocked. Please pray I succeed through life with no more health issues and complete happiness and joy for years and years to come.
Shamila, [23 May 15]

Job and Exam
Please let my significant other and I both pass our recent exams and also let us get both get hired. Thank you
[23 May 15]

Protect son from evil person. Comfort 1024
GL [23 May 15]

full of energy
I can't sleep I'm always so full of energy before bed may the lord make me calm a sleepy before bed
Logan Dragland, [23 May 15]

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