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Drown in Jesus blood
ISIS militants uder Jesus' name, blood and power to the glory of God, in Jesus' name.
Under Jesus, [27 Aug 14]

for my sister pat in pain with back that she will be healed
UK [27 Aug 14]

Please pray
Dear Lord, Please help me find the strength to work to a higher standard, I am working such long hours that I am constantly tired and I feel that my standard of working is slipping. I don't want to cause others pain - I want to bless them with the work that I do but I am failing at the moment and I need help. Please help me to repair the wrongs that I have done.
[27 Aug 14]

my friend needs help
Jesus, be with my friend right now and help her. She is in pain and she needs you
[27 Aug 14]

Please PRAY
My great niece and she's 5 years old. Last May she was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis. In fact, her spine is curved at a 48 degree angle which is pushing her lungs into her armpit area. She has been in a body cast since May and upon the removal of it this morning, it was determined to be regressing more. Please join me as i lift up this amazing little girl. She desperately needs a touch from God! Thank you for taking the time to pray!!! May God richly bless you and your ministry!
Makayla, [27 Aug 14]

Miracle Healing for Tiffany
Please keep Tiffany Casillas in prayer for a MIRACLE healing. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. She got a staph infection in her heart & lungs while in the hospital to surgery to have the tumor removed. She was treated at another hospital for the staph infection & almost died! Her lung collapsed while on a breathing machine & she was in a coma like state for over 2 weeks. They discharged her & sent her to a skilled nursing home for 5 weeks to get antibiotic treatment. There she developed a large blood clot under her arm. NOW, they
Tiffany, [27 Aug 14]

favour and friendship
Please could you pray I will have incredible favour with man and people will love me. That I will make friends easily and be desired by people. Tonight please pray there will be no awkwardness but joy hope blessing and fun and laughter
[27 Aug 14]

Business Startup
Heavenly Father, please help me startup my business. Please provide the location that you want me to be at and bless the work of my hands
[27 Aug 14]

Please pray with me about the situation in church that has resulted in me being stopped from preaching by the superintendent
[27 Aug 14]

Please pray with me regarding an ongoing work situation that was orchestrated to mess up my career
[27 Aug 14]

favor and blessing for son in grade 10
Please help my son concentrate in his studies and get all A+ grades in all his subjects. He's doing very poorly as of now. Thank you
[27 Aug 14]

may you please pray that the Lord will deliver me from the situation that I am going through. This situation has been going on for a very long time. And may you please pray for healing in my body. thank you.
US [27 Aug 14]

bless my social life
Please could you pray God will bless my relationships and friendships and that I will have no more fear, but feel lived and enough. Please could you pray for great favour over my life and that God would help me to also make new friends and meet people. I don't want to be isolated or lonely anymore
[27 Aug 14]

Relational healing
Please could you pray for S and I. For perfect peace over our hearts. That God would help us both. Please pray we will be completely protected and that no weapon formed against us will prosper against us and our relationship. Please pray that he will see the very best again in me and that we will come together as God had intended & before a messy message was sent during a difficult time. Please pray for perspective & change of all lies and judgements that are being falsely believed. Please pray God will help us & nurture our relationship
[27 Aug 14]

Favor from Boss
Dear God, need your help for making the relationship between me and my boss be excellent. She's finding fault with everything I do, or even someone else's. Thank you
[27 Aug 14]

Generational curses nullified
Please pray our family is delivered of a curse that keeps happening to us over & over, even though we are extremely overly careful to prevent it. Its got to be supernatural that we are battling this same horrible trauma again. If I have blame, I repent, I choose Godliness, need attacks to our most vulnerable members prevented in future& aftermath of current 1 controlled & used for healing but with no bad consequences. Set us free.
True seeker, [27 Aug 14]

angelic gaurds to order communication
Lord please put a guard on lips of myself & my children, no unwise words are spoken, we are healed of dysfunction, set free from demonic bondage & given joy & able to stay together as a family always. Let us hear, see, know your perfect plan for us & have ability to walk in it. Heal our brokenness & send angels to fulfill your words in our lives & keep us from saying wrong words.
friend of God, US [27 Aug 14]

I am asking for prayer for my brother in law. He had surgery on his eye. The doctors didn't get it all and needs more surgery. His name is steve, Please pray for him.
Steve elmer, US [27 Aug 14]

Please pray for my faith. A few things happened that have me doubting.
[27 Aug 14]

please pray for "s" and me to find love with one another.
[27 Aug 14]

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