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the LORD God Almighty, in & through the name of [Jn 1:1,2,14.. 4:25,26..8:54 Rev 19:11-16 Heb 4:14-16..13:20 Jn 18:7, 8 Acts 9:5] The Word of God, The anointed, Messiah, the KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS, The Great High Priest, That Great Shepherd of the sheep, The only begotten Son, of the LORD God Almighty, for healing, strength, rest, peace, safe & sound sleep, protection & deliverance from the adversary & everyone of his demon's & all of their devices for myself a widow Isa 1:17 my family & their families at all times. PlZ & T.U
[25 Oct 14]

Lord forgive my sins, Please give me a husband to marry and a family of my own. I am almost 40, alone and cannot handle this anymore. Please hear my prayers for a husband. In Jesus name. Amen
[25 Oct 14]

Prayer of desperation
I just feel so miserable and unhappy. I'm not happy at the house I'm living in, I don't have a job, I haven't had a relationship since 2009, I'm overweight. I barely have any friends and suffer with depression. Please I cry out for miraculous change in all these areas. I've lost the will. I need to see change I've been waiting for so long and am feeling so so sad. Please I Cry out for help
[25 Oct 14]

prayer for love
Send me a gorgeous loving husband. Someone to share my life with now. Please send him Iam ready to meet him now before Christmas so I have someone to share that special time of year with. Iam so lonely . Amen
[25 Oct 14]

breakthrough miracles
Please could you pray I will have no more depression. As soon as I get to this house, I feel low and sad and depressed and Im not getting on with my housemates. Please pray for mighty change. I don't want to feel depressed anymore. Please pray for joy and hope to arise, and that angels will fill the room and drive away evil and change will now come in my life,. I need to move for Mighty Breakthroughward and need a job
[25 Oct 14]

hope for the future
I feel depressed and heavy please pray I will be protected and feel joy and peace. Had enough of being depressed, please pray all heaviness and fear and sadness will go, that I will have no more anxiety and feel good about life, hope for the future, joy and good things will start happening for me. No more mourning or sadness but joy and peace 
[25 Oct 14]

Please remove the infection from my renal system thank you so much
[25 Oct 14]

Please, I'm asking for prayers for my husband. He will be operated on liver metastasis in the month of November. The doctor said the surgery will be the third week of November. The doctor spoke in survival statistics, statistical healing. We are afraid. We ask prayers for everyone. We are afraid, but have faith. Many people pray we have the cure. thank you so much husband: Paulo Eduardo Gerez
ligia, [25 Oct 14]

Pray for evil homosexual male nurses to stop assaulting heterosexual males with suppositories and pray for evil homosexual male nurses to respect the fact that real heterosexual males have the right to refuse treatment from evil homosexual male nurses that like to assault real heterosexual male patients with gay suppositories in their anus illegally against God sodomy laws in Jesus name Amen.
US [25 Oct 14]

since it came to notice
i'll just mention one more thing b4 i go. no, no bad spirits are interfering - its more like just urself. u messing up everything like always. u shouldn't wrongly accuse things the way ur good at doing to others, even if they're bad spirits. ur biggest fault is that ur an ungrateful brat that pays back ill for others' good. no one would love u, being like that.
[25 Oct 14]

what i said previously is still valid. i only came to mention Fu Qu, who can sweep the floor with u. all my brothers can. learn to spell, by the way. it's NOSY and it means u. thats another thing i disliked u about u from before n even now. i hate the way u spell things.
[25 Oct 14]

u lie about someone etc etc then when they tell u off, u tell them to mind their own business? are u stupid or are u just dumb?? oh its the same thing. since i doubt u would get it, lemme tell u that when i suggested u watch legend of ancient sword, esp. last episode, i specially meant Fu Qu. watch what she does. the diff. b/ween her and u is the reason i dont like u even as a person.
[25 Oct 14]

cancer 3 years old girl
Please pray for healing. Pray that we collect about $100 thousand for the clinic in Germany.
[25 Oct 14]

Oluwa Olusegun
Oluwa Olusegun, fun mi ni isegun lori gbogbo ogun to do ju ko mi. Olorun jeki mbori jeki nleke gbogbo ogun ibi ise mi loruko Jesu Amin. Oluwa jeki je Pataki, eekan ni bise mi, kowo omo araye ma ka mi ki owo omo araye mo ran mi ati omo ati aya mi loruko Jesu. Amin. (2) Oluwa awon ireti mi gbogbo dowo yin, E ni eniti o ba gbokan leyin oju ki yio ti, Oluwa mo gbe okan mi leyin, mo nsi gbojusoke si yin ki E dami lohun adura mi loruko Jesu (3)Oluwa ka mikun eni Pataki ni
[25 Oct 14]

Pray for nosie curious people to mind their own business and pray for noise people to leave us alone in Jesus name Amen.
US [25 Oct 14]

God Almighty
God Almighty kindly let me be victorious over all my enemies in all areas of my life and my family's life in Jesus name. (2) God make me important, relevant, unique, influential and reckon with at my place of work in Jesus name.(3)Let my appointment letter be given to me in Jesus on time and do wonders that eyes will see and ears will hear in Jesus name.Amen
[25 Oct 14]

God of Victory
Pray for evil people to stop stalking me And pray for evil people to stop talking about me or gossiping my name in Jesus name Amen. 2) God help me in my awful circumstances, for blessings and breakthrough for everything that I need in my current situation, so that GOD should take me out from this dead end, on a professional, personal, financial level, especially for work problems, so that GOD should heal me and take away all bad spirits that interfere in my activity, in my paths, in all relationships with people.
[25 Oct 14]

i wont ever forget (and wouldnt forgive, apart from God) how u caused problems in my most precious relationships, esp. mine w/ my guy, by wishing ill against us -- which selfish hopes Satan used as permission to work his evil among us while we were spiritually weakened. On my own, I could never forgive u for it. And even if I forgave if u repented, I wont ever forget it. U assholes.
[25 Oct 14]

Jesus son of David
Lord Jesus thank You for the Cross and Your promise to always make the way for us. Please make me to have peace in what i don't understand, knowing that You hold all in Your hands and will make all workout right. Please keep me in childlike hope in You always. Amen. 2)Mighty Breakthrough I pray for in Jesus name. I need amazing opportunities in Jesus name, let doors of new jobs, blessings be opened, doors that no man can shut. God decree victory in my job search and life in Jesus name. 3)God let me have supernatural favour and
[25 Oct 14]

silly liars
im not reading another single foolish word from u silly things. i was absolutely thru with u from long ago, but u've only increased my natural hate for u. i gave u a chance to at least remain somewhat decent in my sight as human beings, but u dont have the ability to do even that. i like u less than a dog. and i dont like dogs. let's say bye now.
[25 Oct 14]

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