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Marriage mistake
I pray God gives Michael and Amanda guidance to see the error in their decision to marry. This is not a healthy relationship and they need to see that before it's too late.
[26 Jan 15]

Godly Wife
Dear heavenly father, Lord God Jesus Christ! Please Jesus I ask in your name please help me find that Godly wife you have for me very very soon. Please I pray Jesus please put her in my path. I ask Jesus in your Holy name, please I pray I'll be attractive spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally to her. I pray Jesus for your help, please rescue me from this torture of loneliness very very soon, and that I will live a long healthy life with lots of children in Jesus name!
[26 Jan 15]

Dear heavenly father, Lord God, Jesus Christ! Please have mercy Jesus for I'm a sinner. I ask for your forgiveness. I ask Jesus in your Holy name for healing in my life, my stomach, my nervous system, my heart, my brain, my lungs, my kidneys, my liver, my bladder, my blood circulation, my sinuses, and my whole body from head to feet. I ask Jesus please give me wisdom, knowledge, very good memory, and help with lots of energy in Jesus name!
[26 Jan 15]

Urgent prayers
Please God help us today. Please look after us and bless us . U know all my worries . Look after us and stay with us. We need u . Help me sort things out for the better .! Thank you
[26 Jan 15]

neighbors and their music
God please either move the neighbors or prayer they turn the music way down/ prayers that they stop being a nuisance and disturband with this music
sj, [26 Jan 15]

My neighbors and thier music
sj, [26 Jan 15]

motivation and energy
I'm struggling with depression, I can barely get out of bed. I don't feel much motivation. My circumstances have become hard and I'm struggling. Please could you pray I will be motivated again, that my life will become inspiring and fun again, it's a drag, I hate my job, haven't had a relationship for 5 years and am tired and weary
[26 Jan 15]

hope for the future
New begginings Ths year my dreams have died. Please could you pray they will come back t life? I have lost passion, energy and strength, Im tired of being alone and so disconnected. I don't know how to meet people or make friends, and I feel utterly weary. Please pray I will have hope once again, I feel I have noting to live for. and no real people I can ask for help. I don't really have any one to ask for help, Im discouraged and hurting, I'm so weary and need hope and energy, please could you pray
[26 Jan 15]

Financial neeed
Dear prayer warriors please pray for my family. We badly need money. We are in huge debt. And also pray for a good job and our ministry.
Gracysam, IN [26 Jan 15]

help to come out of the wilderness
I've been struggling with depression for a long time, negative self image and almost feel no self worth or value. I can't carry on like this, I don't wan to hate myself anymore. My family are rude and dishonouring, and always make me feel unloved and unspecial, which just adds to my feelings. Please could you pray for a real turn around, for my depression to be cured, the chance to see a doctor to talk, and for a feeling if self value to start now and breakthrough in my emotions and mind and life
[26 Jan 15]

connection and hope
I have reached a point in my life where I am truly just treading water. I feel purposeless, disappointed and disconnected. I have no idea where Im going, I hate my job, I haven't had a relationship since 09 and just feel lost in my existence. I want to be creative and feel happy and have things to go to, I dont even have a home. please I cry oumt for change, for new things, for open doors, new relationships, friends, a new job and for opportunity and creativity in my life
[26 Jan 15]

Look after my Dad. Please watch over him. And help him. Lord I ask that u will take care of him . Energise him and I ask u will bless him . Amen
[26 Jan 15]

need capital
may the almighty God help me with capital so that i may start up my own business.
mable, UG [26 Jan 15]

Ebony Come To Me Please
Please join me in prayer that my girlfriend Ebony will safely travel and join me here in Cleveland Ohio as she relocates from Orlando Florida. Her scheduled departure is January 26th, and roads, weather, and sometimes moral plus Satan can be a hindrance. Please pray and ask Jesus to send Angels along with the Holy Spirit to overcome all opposing forces, including her own indecision and sometimes pessimistic attitude, so that she can make this journey and traveling commute safely. I ask this in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, AMEN!
US [26 Jan 15]

Soul ties
Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your grace. Forgive me my sins and sever all soul ties not from you. I ask this to be done to the glory of God in your holy name I ask and thankfully recieve. Amen. Ps Dear Lord. Save me wife so you can save our marriage. Help us to surrender to all of your will all of the time. Thank you Jesus amen
[26 Jan 15]

Please help heal my thyroid. It feels like my throat is closing up making it hard to swallow. When I wake up the next day my throat makes cracking feelings. Pray the doctor will do the right thing.
US [26 Jan 15]

A prayer for my Canine child
Maybe some wouldn't bother for a dog, but my dog is my baby and since the death of my father she has been my family. I found out that her favorite treat may be hurting her. Her appetite is almost non existent, I need God to help me here because my heart cannot take losing her. PLEASE pray for says no names so God will know... Thank you...
ALB for my Pepper, US [26 Jan 15]

husband and marriage
Please pray for my husband R who is having an affair with a married woman. He is not a Christian. Please pray he will find Jesus and surrender his life to him. Please pray this affair will end, and that R will not have any peace or happiness until the affair is over. Please pray for our 3 children and their hurting hearts. Please pray for restoration and reconciliation of our marriage
Shannon, [26 Jan 15]

Great God, Higher Power, My heart's desire is to have a good relationship with a man I love who loves me, which includes good sex about twice a week. I have a man in mind - I think we would be a good match. But if this specific man is not in your plan for me, then I ask you to place me in this special love relationship with a man who is even better. I have a lot to offer and would be a catch for the right man. Please, God - I can't do this by myself. You know
Kat, [26 Jan 15]

I am requesting prayer for my friend who is addicted to drugs, he can be belligerent & feel entitled to my money he has stolen my debit card to get drugs, this is my bill money! I pray God would restore him a sound mindfree him from addictions and heal our relationship39715
[26 Jan 15]

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