Prayer & worship

Worship and prayer are two sides of the same coin.  As we focus on who God is, what He’s done and why He deserves our praise; we’re welcoming His spirit as well as reminding ourselves of whom we’re praying to and His power to change things.  There are many ways to weave prayer and worship together, you could try singing or writing your own Psalm or song, choose a part of God’s character and tell Him why it’s amazing, practice thankfulness or more.  Here’s just one way that people are weaving between the two when they gather together…

‘Harp and Bowl’ may sound cryptic but the prayer model is pretty straightforward. It’s based on the worship and prayer described in Revelation 5:8 and is used all over the world.

This type of corporate prayer requires some preparation but you can keep going for hours and works well for small or large groups. It’s also a way to pray deep into scripture, as the entire prayer time is centred on passages chosen a head of time.

How you can try it

You need a Worship leader and someone willing to read the Bible aloud. Begin by worshipping using familiar songs to the group, then read the first passage and say or sing a brief prayer inspired by what was read. Members of the group can then pray or sing out loud their own brief prayers inspired by what they’ve heard.  Being short and to the point is key!  Overly long prayers can decrease the momentum of the gathering. 

When the reader feels the flow of prayer is coming to an end another segment of scripture is read and the sung or spoken prayers begin again.  The music and worship can flow throughout.

Since this model can be used to pray for several hours at a time, it’s a good idea to go back to singing a few worship songs about every half hour to bring fresh focus.